The “Cultivation Groundwork” of Tibetan “Buddhism”

Published:2012/01/17    07:46

(By the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)

Is Tibetan “Buddhism” a true Buddhist religion or not?

Do the lamas of Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism” really commit money frauds and sexual assaults?

After the True Enlightenment Education Foundation launched a full swing campaign of “Protecting Taiwan’s Women” in four of the most prestigious national newspapers, the issue of “lamas sexually abusing women” has once again been ignited. Taiwanese people have the right to know the answers to the following questions: “Is Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ really a religion that advocates sex? Is Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ a real Buddhist religion or not?”

Dawa Tsering, Director of the Religious Foundation of H.H. the Dalai Lama not only explains unclearly all along, but also avoids answering the questions by blurring the focus. On one hand, he states that the Couple-Practice Tantra does exist in Tibetan “Buddhism”; on the other hand, he denies that the lamas would actually practice this root doctrine of Tibetan “Buddhism.” This creates more confusion and outsiders can never figure out whether these exiled lamas from Tibet really follow the tantras and actually “practice” the sexual method of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism propagated by the Dalai Lama or not.

Dawa Tsering, Director of the Religious Foundation of H. H. the Dalai Lama only beats around the bush to all the queries. This dodging mentality actually matches the response Tibetan “Buddhism” usually gave to the Taiwan society in regard to the sexual assault cases committed by the lamas. The more they try to cover up the truth, the more it will be known to the public!

Zhang Gongpu, CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation explains the cultivation method of “attaining Buddhahood in a lifetime” in Tibetan Tantrism. Prior to practicing the “Highest Yoga Tantra to attain Buddhahood in a lifetime,” Tantric lamas would follow the instructions of Kalachakra Tantra and other kinds of tantras to perform various empowerment rituals as “cultivation groundwork.” The empowerment consists of two parts: the “causal empowerment” and the “path empowerment.” The causal empowerment is usually called the water empowerment, which can be done through making offerings and visualization. The path empowerment includes vase, secret, wisdom, and the fourth empowerment.

CEO Zhang points out that there are various kinds of empowerment rituals, and each ritual is interpreted differently within different sects of Tibetan “Buddhism.” Take the “water empowerment” and the “vase empowerment” for example, they have been performed in generation stage for practicing the “Highest Yoga Tantra.” The water empowerment is essentially derived from the so-called “vajra fluids” of Hindu Tantra. The fluid here actually refers to the male semen. As for the vase empowerment, the female practitioner serves as a vase to receive the guru’s semen from his “vajra way” (genitals). After the transmission of such secret empowerments from guru to disciple, they can then undertake the follow-up empowerment rituals.

CEO Zhang explains, after practitioners have received the secret empowerment, they should follow the guru to practice the copulation tantra with members of the opposite sex for the rest of their lives. Tantric learners are supposed to regularly and frequently practice with any fellow practitioners of the opposite sex. During the secret empowerment, there can be even up to nine physical female consorts at the same time. (In the case of female gurus presiding over the secret empowerments, the consorts are then male ones.)

Such shameless promiscuous multi-partner orgies among gurus and disciples cannot possibly be “cultivation” for anyone. Such deeds can only be described as “licentious”! Tibetan Tantrism should be recognized as counterfeit Buddhism, an evil-maker, which corrupts the decency and integrity of unsuspecting spiritual seekers and undermines their families. Succinctly, this is a more accurate description.

Most people, including novices of Tibetan Tantrism who have just received the welcome empowerment and have yet to undertake the secret empowerment, have never heard of these erotic doctrines before. Nonetheless, those doctrines can be easily found in the Tibetan Tantrism related books in general bookstores, and the Dalai Lama openly continues such teachings in his recently published books.

Those who intend to learn the Buddha dharma and wish to establish some preliminary understanding of the cultivation practices of Tibetan counterfeit “Buddhism” should take a look at the statues of deities with consorts, found in Tibetan thangkas, altar, and temples. Then ponder the question, “Why would having sex and wallowing in gross greed of the desire-realm be deemed ‘the way of practice’ in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’?” Afterwards, they should use good judgment and head in the direction of seeking to understand the real doctrinal connotations of the three-vehicle bodhi of orthodox Buddhism.

The fundamental doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism” are entirely different from those of orthodox Buddhism. After in-depth comparison, one will realize what the truth is and be immune to the over exaggerated and unsubstantiated lies of Tibetan “Buddhism” and hopefully, women will be able to escape being coerced or seduced into sexual intercourse by lamas. From corroborative evidence one can see clearly that Tibetan “Buddhism” is merely counterfeit Buddhism.(Reported by the interviewing team) 20120117

Editor’s Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on

July 28, 2011.