Disclosure of the Couple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism met with unanimous applause

Published: 2011/4/9 23:15

(By Lin Yuyue of the True Heart News Interviewing Team in Taipei) The True Enlightenment Education Foundation has consecutively placed advertisements that occupy half a page of each edition in four of the most prestigious national newspapers, in which the disclosure of sexual love doctrines of Lamaism has attracted widespread public attention. The True Enlightenment Education Foundation acknowledged that countless encouraging and supportive phone calls streaming in from many individuals, expressing the opinion, “What you are doing is great, keep at it!” Especially when the advertisement was initially released, the calls were streaming in, while pouring with compliments. It is obvious that the entire Taiwanese society have long tolerated the concealed and malicious deeds of the tantric lamas. Surprisingly, most calls are from residents of Southern Taiwan, stating: “We love Taiwan” and “This is the way to love Taiwan.” Such outcome is in fact unexpected to the Foundation.

Zhang Gongpu, CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation points out that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is not Buddhism; this is not a controversial issue rather than has been an indisputable fact and consensus in the academic fields of religion and Buddhism. Within this field of academia, the core doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism relating to the lamas copulating with female followers has been commonly regarded as the heretical Tibetan Tantric School. Not a single individual from these academic circles would agree that this is the true doctrine of Buddhism. Academics address the fact: “Sexual love must be abstained from monastic monks; somehow, the tantric lamas who have inherited teachings of the Tibetan Tantric School regard the male’s semen as the lineage of religious cultivation and practice. This is indeed unique among all sexually themed religions in the course of human history.”

In reply to remarks made by the Dalai Lama Foundation that they would not rule out the possibility of pursuing litigations against the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, CEO Zhang indicates that all these sexually related doctrines can be easily found today in books published by the Tibetan Buddhism society. Ironically enough, the publisher is none other than the same Dawa Tsering, Director of the Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. These books are currently available at most major bookstores. Additionally, the True Enlightenment Education Foundation is more than willing to elaborate on how Tibetan Buddhism drastically violates the standards of societal customs, and its filthy doctrines that mislead lamas to commit adultery with the wives and daughters of other’s, in a precise and clear manner in any public occasion. Such efforts are directed in the hope of bringing back a fresh atmosphere and returning simplistic traditions back to Taiwan. Allow each individual to make their own choice as to whether they would accept the teachings of “counterfeit Buddhism.” (Lin Yuyue reported in Taipei) 20110125

Editor’s Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on January 25, 2011.