Women step forward and urge for the protection of Taiwanese females

Published:2011/05/21 12:30

(By Lin Yuyue of the True Heart News Interviewing team in Taipei) The True Enlightenment Education Foundation raised the issue of “Protecting Taiwan Women” in four of the most prestigious local newspapers to reveal the truth of the Tibetan Buddhism lamas’ sexual misconduct towards women. This topic has drawn full attention and raised great concerns from womankind in general. Zhang Gongpu, CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation elaborates that the Copulation Tantric doctrines and conducts of Tibetan Buddhism will definitely not benefit women in either this current life or future lives. On the contrary, female followers of Tibetan Buddhism will only end up in financial losses and broken families, and be traumatized both physically and mentally. Worse yet, under the law of causality, they would also suffer great losses of virtues and merits in future lives.

CEO Zhang points out that the motive behind Tibetan Buddhist empowerment is adulterated. From the very beginning, the formal initiate empowerment is a Copulation Tantric empowerment. After the first general bounding empowerment of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, the lamas will not only ask for large amount of donations from their followers, but also surreptitiously observe female followers to choose candidates for the future “fourth empowerment” or even to practice the “Highest Yoga Tantra.” In other words, a female individual is set as a potential target for practicing Copulation Tantra after she has entered Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and has undertaken the very first formal empowerment without knowing anything. However, the lamas will only be visualizing the Copulation Tantra practice in their own mind while performing the formal empowerment for their followers, and never openly address it to those who are being empowered.

CEO Zhang of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation indicates that in Tibetan Buddhism both the doctrine and the mindset are fallacious. The male practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism must practice the Couple-Practice Tantra once having received the secret empowerment. He must choose a “qualified appearance” female, a so-called “female consort” or a “Buddha mother” to carry out such practices. According to Tsongkhapa’s standard of selecting a female partner, she must be young and pretty. However, Lotus Born's criteria of “The Six Yogas of Naropa” is not set on the beautiful appearance but on female genitals. These sects can even take their own mother, sister or daughter as their Yogini in practicing the Copulation Tantra. One so-called patriarch of Tibetan Tantric School even said, “Whatever can help to reach the state of bliss, even animals should not be spared.” Even more absurd is the usage of female corpses and ghosts for such practices. The value of female practitioners in Copulation Tantra practice of Tibetan Buddhism has been reduced to merely their beauty and sex organs. Their dignity and worth have been placed on a par with incestors, animals, corpses, and female ghosts. How unbearable that the mentality of Tibetan Buddhist has objectified women to such an inferior degree! Can any female accept this?

CEO Zhang reiterates that throughout the entire human history, countless women have been sexually abused by the Tibetan lamas world-wide; in fact, what is known to the public is only the tip of the iceberg. How many more have suffered and wept in silence are still unknown! On top of that, from orthodox Buddhist point of view, anyone who practices the Copulation Tantra has not only committed the sinful karma of breaking the precepts, but will also bring forth the grave un-adorable differently ripening retribution that leads one to long deep darkness of vexation from ignorance in future lives.

CEO Zhang Gongpu pleads that all women who care about this issue should step forward and speak up and keep vigilance against the lamas of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. In order to protect Taiwanese females and oust the lamas who are sexually abusing women from Taiwan, please do tell all friends and relatives around you. ( Reported by Lin Yuyue ) 2011

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on January 31, 2011.