Ghouls Lead the Innocent to Slaughter - Drelwa Online's Self-immolation Guide (Part 3) - Profiles of the consecutive self-immolation incidents in Tibet (Part 7)

Published:2013/10/08    08:00

(Reported by the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)

What is the website Drelwa Online all about? “Drelwa” in Tibetan means “connection.” Established in 2006, the mission of Drelwa Online revealed from leaked internal documents is “to engage in internet mobilization, whereby bringing in line the understanding of Tibetan youths residing within China as well as Tibetans-in-exile such that together they can take up the cause of ‘Free Tibet.’” This mission underpins the work of Tsering Wangmo, “sister Dolma,” to infiltrate and incite Chinese netizens, Tibetan netizens in particular so as to collect Chinese intelligence and instigate disturbances by spreading rumors. In other words, Drelwa Online and Dolma are both mouthpieces for the Tibet independence movement.

The media report discloses that before 2009 Drelwa Online received most of its funding from the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), a subsidiary agency of the government of a major western power. Global Times reported in 2009 an inside scoop on IBB’s joint operation with Drelwa Online in launching an internet-based instigation campaign that targets Tibetan internet users with the aim of engineering of insurgency and collecting intelligence. This report led to the termination of IBB’s financial aid to Drelwa Online, thereby threatening its existence and operation. To secure funding, Thubten Samdup, a close aide of the Dalai Lama (also a former representative of the Dalai group in North America and the founder of Drelwa Online) sought out the National Endowment for Democracy of the aforementioned western country, which agreed to channel US$50,000 annually to Drelwa Online in the name of human rights communication.


A few years ago, a Taiwanese artist did a famous humor sketch mocking the ghost story writer Sima Zhongyuan’s famous line: “Chinese fear ghosts, westerners fear ghosts too…” Now, a few of those fake Buddhist practitioners of the Tibetan community in exile are colluding with westerners, shamelessly cajoling innocent people into committing horrendous suicides for their political gains. Taking money from outsiders with one hand and murdering their own people with the other, this sinister scheme of the Dalai group is more macabre than any ghost story, and no one is laughing anymore.

With all the cheers and the approval the Dalai group gives to the Tibetan self-immolations, after Drelwa Online resumed its operation, it quickly shifted its focus to inciting self-immolations in China through the internet. Young Tibetans like Tudan Badeng who have the possibility of carrying out self-immolations in major Chinese cities are their favorite targets. One of Drelwa Online’s agents is Dorje Wangshok, a Qinghai Tibetan who committed manslaughter in China in 1993 and illegally fled to Dharamsala, India. Dorje Wangshok is now the director of the Tibet Culture Research Center as well as consultant and core writer of Drelwa Online.

In 2012, many Chinese were swept up by the cultish prophecy of apocalypse. Seeing that many folks in his hometown were hardcore doomsday believers and had even set up tents as well as stocking food and supplies in preparation, Dorje Wangshok suggested during the leadership meeting of the Dalai group that "We should take the opportunity presented by the doomsday prophecy to tell Tibetans that only the ones who fight against tyrannical rule as self-immolation heroes, sacrificing their bodies for freedom and giving their blessing to the highest living tulku the Dalai Lama, can temporarily avert the arrival of doomsday." He also sealed his plan with foolproof verification: “If the prophesized doomsday of 21 December, 2012 was indeed delayed, that would verify the contribution of the self-immolation heroes."

The appointment of a criminal at large by Dalai’ central government as the director of the Tibet Culture Research Center makes the nature and credibility of this institution questionable to begin with. Sure enough, it seized this snowballing modern superstition to cheat fellow Tibetans out of their precious lives and had even put a patch up in place for their lies. One cannot help but question what kind of “government” would come up with and carry out this kind of heartless plan? And how dare they call themselves “Buddhists”?

Following the leadership of Dorje Wangshok, agents of Drelwa Online like “sister Dolmas” spend more than 10 hours a day sitting in front of the screen and chatting with Tibetans online, utilizing the doomsday rumor to encourage Tibetans to self-immolate. This strategy of seizing all opportunities to sing praise for self-immolation has in fact been incorporated into the “creative philosophy” of the new Tibetan government-in-exile of the post Dalai era.

In the “Second Special General Meeting of the Tibetan People” held in Dharamsala in late September, 2012, the government-in-exile of the Dalai group accepted the suggestion of the “Tibetan Youth Congress” and openly declared in the meeting’s resolution that “self-immolation is the highest form of non-violent struggle” to encourage ethnic Tibetans in China to burn themselves. The “achievement” of this so-called “creative non-violent struggle” was the tragic end of 70 precious Tibetans lives engulfed in blazing flames.

Lhamo Je, the author of the recently exposed Self-Immolations Guide, was a parliament member of the Dharamsala-based Tibetan government-in-exile. On his personal website, this senior figure of the Dalai group not only glorifies self-immolators as "Tibetan heroes of self-immolation" and describes them as “selfless and honorable.” He also gives undisguised instructions for self-immolation: "If you decide to self-immolate, make sure to pick important days and major spots, arrange for a couple of trustworthy people to record videos and take photos, shout out sharp political slogans, and plan everything out step-by-step." Apparently, these thoughts and actions are the origins of the Self-Immolation Guide.

Drelwa Online and the Self-Immolation Guide are both part of the Dalai group’s “creative non-violent struggle.” They are calling for those who have participated in the previous uprisings in Tibet to stop “beating, smashing, and looting,” while beguiling them into a novel form of violent action - self-immolation, the so-called “creative non-violence” - to misguide westerners. Since this new action plan would probably bring the international community to exert greater pressure on the Chinese government with regard to human rights issues, the Dalai group proudly terms it “creative.” We call on the public to look through the sugar-coated political rhetoric and, with more than 70 burned lives in its toll, see the wickedness behind it. Drelwa Online speaks its ghoulish truth loud and clear.(Reported by the Interviewing Team)20131008

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on

June 10, 2013.