The Social Responsibilities of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation in Taiwan

Published:2011/09/14 13:10

(By Guo FengYan of the True Heart News Interviewing team in Taipei) The True Enlightenment Education Foundation has been running a full swing campaign to protect Taiwanese women by placing large advertisements in major media. Amongst the applauses received from the general public, a few individuals also voiced their concerns and wished to know more about what is behind the whole issue. In reply, Xiong Jun, Executive Secretary of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation indicates that, the organization is obliged to abide by its mission statements - to educate the public and benefit the society. Although the advertisements were costly, this campaign is not aimed to raise funds or be involved with any political activity. All the donations are directed on public welfares in the hope of fulfilling our duties as a member of the society. Having deep insight on the illicit and promiscuous nature of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, the Foundation has a duty to protect Taiwanese women from being sexually assaulted by the lamas. This is our foremost goal for this campaign and we will continue to do so to repay the society.

Regarding the facts of the Couple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism” revealed in the advertisements, Executive Secretary Xiong Jun explains: The religious and non-profit social groups in Taiwan offer a diversity of spiritual beliefs based on their own philosophy. This is a clear manifestation of religious and speech freedom in Taiwan. Religious groups, however, should abide themselves by the highest moral standards, assist the disadvantaged groups with righteous spirit, urge the public to have common decency, and should never act like Tibetan Tantric Buddhism to guide its followers into the promiscuous Couple-Practice Tantra. Although each religion has its doctrines, yet the most fundamental principle in every religion is not different. They are all to uplift goodness in people, promote good virtues, correct harmful customs, and keep away from sexual misconduct. No religion should promote the vicious doctrines about sex under the disguise of religious freedom. The sexual misconduct involved in the Couple-Practice Tantra could be charged with sex crimes violating cultural ethics or destroying an intact family. The fundamental doctrine of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism requires followers to practice the Couple-Practice Tantra, having sex with as many partners as possible, including unlawful sexual relationship. As a result, active promotion of the Couple-Practice Tantra will distort the moral value of sexual relationship, corrupt ethical standards, and inevitably bring serious disasters.

Executive Secretary Xiong Jun further points out: Conventionally, the Buddhist communities never intended to comment on each other’s way of practice or propagation, but to purely explain its own stance. Nevertheless, the Buddhist society has been questioned by the general public, and the Buddhists will need to face the following questions:

Why are Buddhist monks allowed to have meat, alcohol, and commit sexual misconduct with others’ wives and daughters?

How can sex offenders, the “Buddhist lamas,” claim that the Couple-Practice Tantra is also the dharma of Buddha Sakyamuni?

How can the public attention possibly be distracted by the excuses of “those crimes were actually committed by fake lamas,” “those were merely isolated cases,” and “that could also happen in other religions”?

Thus, the general public, lacking the correct information, would be misled and project their negative impression of Buddhism onto orthodox Buddhist monastics.

Xiong Jun points out that besides the above doubts raised by the general public, there are also stories about those prominent Tibetan lamas ─ Sogyal Rinpoche and Kalu Rinpoche, who have been suspected of sexual abuses on women through couple-practice of copulation. A well-known action movie star, Steven Seagal, who has been a close friend and important supporter of the Dalai Lama, was also accused of sexual assault. Yet Dawa Tsering, director of the Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is still trying to confuse the similar issue, and makes no public statements about whether Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has given up the Couple-Practice Tantra, or the Dalai Lama has taught his followers to abandon the Couple-Practice Tantra. Tsering, however, cannot deny the fact that the Dalai Lama has advocated the actual practice of copulation tantra in his books. All these signs prove that Tibetan “Buddhism” is an evil cult and the sexual assaults by the lamas are not merely isolated cases because its doctrines are fundamentally wrong. It's time for the practitioners of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism to examine whether their own doctrines are in compliance with those of the Buddhist Three-Vehicle Bodhi, and to face the fact that their doctrines are actually derived from the Brahman's sexual practice, which is not the Buddha dharma. It's not wise for Tsering to keep diverting attention and dodging the sexual scandals. On the other hand, the Taiwan society, academia, government, and religious communities should also explore the issue whether the Tibetan “Buddhism” doctrines are in compliance with those of orthodox Buddhism or not. At present, there is still no restriction on the entry of those missionary couple-practicing lamas into Taiwan. Therefore, we are very concerned about the future of Taiwan. We hereby appeal to the Taiwan government to control the entry of the lamas. The control policy can avoid the social corruption resulting from the misleading teachings of Tibetan “Buddhism,” and prevent the innocent Taiwanese females from being seduced into illicit sex or sexually abused by lamas under the disguise of Buddhist practice, thus avoiding the resultant broken families.

In response to some negative questioning about the True Enlightenment Education Foundation’s specific contributions to the Taiwan society, Xiong Jun explains that the Foundation’s mission statements are based on the aforementioned concepts. Having achieved extensive and concrete results with in-depth research on Buddhism, philosophy and Lamaism, the Foundation has undertaken an unprecedented task to actively bring its expertise into full play, in the hope of educating the general public about Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism,” protecting social ethics, and keeping the family intact. Awakened by our actions, many people are looking forward to a better future Taiwan. We are pleased with this current educational achievement and also welcome any criticism and encouragement from all sectors of the society.

With regard to the couple-practice of copulation with multiple partners in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Xiong Jun opines that an indiscriminate tolerance toward the criminal behavior resulting from the devious Tibetan tantric doctrines is just too passive and discouraging. We should rather face up to this fact with honesty. Starting from the extensive research into the writings of patriarchs of the four sects of Tibetan “Buddhism,” one of the Foundation’s major achievements is the endeavor to reveal the truth behind Tibetan “Buddhism,” which has been all written in the book of Behind the Facade of Tibetan Buddhism—A Critique Based on the Buddha’s True Secret Teachings. This book consists of four big volumes with 560,000 words; it is the most representative work digging deeply into the truth about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The book reveals all the obscure, wicked, and lustful natures of Tibetan “Buddhism” in plain colloquial writing style to the public with detailed evidence, proving that all the Tibetan Tantric doctrines are in fact not the Buddha dharma, unveiling the mystery shrouded over Tibetan “Buddhism” for a thousand years, and allowing the public eye to scrutinize it.

Xiong Jun also says that hundreds of books published by the Foundation also help to provide the academic and Buddhist communities with detailed information about Tibetan “Buddhism,” which was poorly available in early Taiwan. These books are starting to have impact on readers in Taiwan. The True Enlightenment Education Foundation is solely supported by donations from its practitioners (mostly common people and proprietors). Although the resources and funds are extremely limited, the Foundation is still unwilling to accept any contributions from any political party or any government authority. As such, the Foundation can only strive for Taiwan first, and then gradually expand the influence to China, Hong Kong, Europe, and America in the future. The Foundation wishes to benefit all the countries and even the whole world, as well as to purify all human hearts. With this ideal, we hope that Taiwan is gradually becoming a world leading country in Buddhism and all the Taiwanese will take pride in it. (Reported by Guo Fengyan) 20110914

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on February 18, 2011