Famous Commentators Step Forward and Speak Out Rightfully; How Can Buddhist Monks Keep Silent?

Published:2011/10/16 08:17

(Reported from the interviewing team of True-Heart News in Taipei) Within consecutive days, after our news network reported that the True Enlightenment Education Foundation has been exposing the inside story of Tibetan “Buddhism,” feedback from the general public is enthusiastic. After threatening a lawsuit against the True Enlightenment Education Foundation for distorting their doctrines, the Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama has not taken any further action. Gongpu Zhang, Executive of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, expresses his views as follows: Our Foundation is never afraid of the probable lawsuit filed by the Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Whenever the case comes to court, the True Enlightenment Education Foundation will present more evidence of tantras to prove that the fundamental doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism” is to have the couple-practice of copulation with many sexual partners of the opposite sex, and point out the fact that the Dalai Lama has still been openly advocating the evil teaching of the couple-practice in recent years. Based on the court’s decision, Tibetan “Buddhism” would then be ruled as an evil cult, which flagrantly violates social orders and family values.

Zhang states, “We have been waiting, and we believe that Mr. Dawa Tsering of the Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama does not wish to bring the case to court. But, in fact, his response statement is merely a showcase toward their Tantric Followers and the general public in order to cover up his false claim and allow the issue to die down finally. If Tibetan “Buddhism” really brings the case to court, the Foundation could perhaps prove that Tibetan “Buddhism” is an evil belief through the court debate, but the remaining question is whether the court would accept the doctrine debate and rule on the case. In the meantime, the Foundation will continue to educate the general public to stay away from any evil cult and avoid the sexual abuses by lamas.” In order to serve and satisfy our readers, with coverage from different angles, our interviewing team has particularly checked with the opinions of some social elites.

Mr. Li Ao is a historian who talked about Tibetan “Buddhism” in his show “Li Ao has Something To Say” in September, 2006. He commented that the so-called Tibetan “Buddhism” worships those weird things with horrible appearances as gods. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXUtBfNAnEE&feature=related)

According to Mr. Li’s comment on Tibetan “Buddhism”, Gongpu Zhang, CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, states that the so-called Tibetan “Buddhism” in fact is not orthodox Buddhism; this is because their god statues with demons’ appearances only started to appear in the seventh century. Gongpu Zhang continues that Li’s comment and the historical facts corroborate the True Enlightenment Education Foundation’s constant statement that “Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is not Buddhism.” According to the analysis of the historical facts, after the India’s Gupta dynasty (during the time period of 320 to 600 AD), Buddhism was gradually deteriorating due to its profound complexity and extreme difficulty in realizing the true reality, it eventually lost its ground; on the other hand, Hinduism was slowly arising and had spread mainly in south India. Although Buddhism was under the protection of the Para dynasty during 750-1150 AD and had been preserved for quite a long period of time, Buddhism was eventually infiltrated by Hindu Tantrism and changed into nowadays Tibetan Tantrism. Tibetan Tantrism, also known as Tantra, is essentially Tibetan “Buddhism.” The word Tantra derives from the root word “tan,” which refers to proliferation or reproduction. The couple-practice of copulation by a male and female couple of Tibetan “Buddhism” is a deformed product of Tantrism from Hinduism; in essence, it is totally NOT Buddhism.

Gongpu Zhang states that the gradual qualitative change resulted in a distorted Buddhism; for example, the female creative vitality is substituted for the “prajna” of Buddhism; the male creative vitality is substituted for the “expediency” of Buddhism; the lotus is a symbol of the female genitals; and the Vajra pestle is a symbol of the male genitals. The so-called Tibetan “Buddhism” consists of the imaginary yin-yang copulations and the actual sexual intercourse with multiple partners of the opposite sex. Such distorted teachings have already turned Buddhism into a kind of nondescript, neither fish nor fowl. Later on, such “Buddhism” spread into Tibet and combined with a native Tibetan religion, Bonpa, to form Tibetan “Buddhism.” Nevertheless, Tibetan “Buddhism” still claims its teachings as the Buddha dharma to fool the whole world, but in fact the doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism” have nothing to do with the teachings of the Buddhist liberation or nirvana.

Zhang Gongpu further points out that with further studies into the doctrinal connotation and ritual manifestation, it is even more evident that Tibetan “Buddhism” essentially derives from Hindu Shaktism and is not Buddhism at all. In the Brahman culture of ancient India, sex and religion were tightly connected. There was a Tantra system of faith. Not only did its doctrines have no rejection of the mundane joy, but on the contrary, the decadent physical pleasure was sought out with every effort. Sex temples in India focused on sexual belief and energy; followers aimed at obtaining physical pleasure through sex. The most famous ritual is the “five kinds of enjoyment” (Panchamakara, also known as the Five Ms: meat, fish, wine, grain, and sex) which many couples attended. In addition to four kinds of food (fish, meat, wine, and grain) which satisfy the desire for good food, the fifth is to engage in multiple partners’ sex.

After bountiful food and drink, men and women engaged in group sex to indulge in the decadent bodily pleasure. There was absolutely no spiritual elevation. They have misunderstood that group sex can give them the most boost to enlightenment. In actuality, group sex is the quickest way to hell. While having sex, the participants chanted their own sutras or practiced yoga. They even change sex partners frequently to strengthen the effect. This is probably the oldest form of wife-swapping. This ritual pattern of taking abundant food (meat, fish, wine, and grain) ahead of having group sex without restraining from meat and alcohol is being currently instructed by the Kalachakra Vajra Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism. This corroborates that Tibetan Buddhism is indeed not Buddhism, but an evil religion derived from Hindu Shaktism, which had gradually infiltrated into Buddhism.

Zhang Gongpu indicates that this is enough to justify Mr. Li Ao's commentary. Condemning Tibetan “Buddhism” as monstrous and demoniac openly, Mr. Li Ao also criticizes blind believers of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. He says, "Some puzzleheaded people are eager to gain wisdom from Tibet, which is just ridiculous to me. What wisdom could Tibetans possibly offer us? Nothing, but absurdity."

CEO Zhang also points out that as a women-protection activist, Ms. Shi Jiqing also straight-forwardly criticizes lamas, rinpoches, and dharma-kings who set up a religious belief of ghosts and gods, and ask followers to donate. They fool and trick followers, molest and rape women and then dignify it as the Couple-Practice Tantra. (http://jackiexie.blogspot.com/search/label/%E6%98%8E%E5%A6%83)

She suggests that Japanese porn film producers could invite lamas to perform in porn movies. The producers would make a fortune and lamas would have another financial resource. Ms. Shi also queries the validity of their statements regarding the Couple-Practice Tantra. If the Couple-Practice could facilitate practitioners to achieve Buddhahood, then every porn actor should be able to become Buddha instantly.

CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, Zhang Gongpu indicates that Mr. Li Ao and Ms. Shi Jiqing are both social celebrities. They have built up an image of being forthright, outspoken for justice. Being public figures, they may have their own supporters and foes. Nevertheless, on the issue of the Couple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, one commented on the basis of historical evidence, and the other spoke from many years of pragmatic experience on women protection. They are not just pointing fingers randomly! As non-Buddhists, Mr. Li and Ms. Shi both exposed the flat lies of the Couple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism” and pointed out the truth that Tibetan “Buddhism” is definitely not Buddhism. How can millions of Buddhist disciples in Taiwan still look the other way and keep silent with hypocritical mindset? Where is the compassion that all Buddhist masters always speak about? Numerous Buddhist followers are being misled into the evil doctrines of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Great Buddhist masters, why won't you speak out to salvage these believers? Have you lost all your compassion so that you would rather sit back and watch without going to the rescue? Please show some compassion and step forward to save the mass of your disciples! (Reported By You Shuqing) 20111016

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