Say “NO!” To Tibetan “Buddhism”

Published:2011/12/15    10:25

(By Guo Fengyan of the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei) At the beginning of this year, the True Enlightenment Education Foundation launched a full swing campaign on “Protecting Taiwan women” and publicized consecutively in four of the most prestigious national newspapers to reveal the truth of “sexual misconduct towards women under the guise of Buddhist practice” of Tibetan Buddhist lamas. The society was in an uproar about this all at once. BCC news radio network even reported a series of special interviews on this issue. However, Ministry of the Interior, the Department of Civil Affairs issued a statement on the dispute over the doctrine of the copulation practice of Tibetan “Buddhism”: “The Constitution guarantees religious freedom. Unless there are obvious illegal activities that the official authorities must impose law enforcement, all religious doctrines, rituals or practices will be given due respect.”(Reported by Huang Yuejiao)


CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation Zhang Gonpu indicates that such a passive response from the government official implies that the authority concerned has chosen the easier way out. In fact, government officials have a certain obligation to act as the guardians for the general public. It is their duty to proactively investigate and examine all the religions under their jurisdiction whether the essence of the religious doctrines is evil. Furthermore, they should be actively aware of whether the religious tenets are fundamentally violating good social customs or against moral standards. If the religious doctrines are found illegal, government officials should actively participate in clamping down on evil religions and ensure that they are entirely eradicated, instead of focusing merely on isolated cases of misconduct. Since dealing with the isolated cases is only a stopgap measure, not a long-term solution; besides, it is under the jurisdiction of National Police Agency. In general, when the doctrines of a certain religion violate good social customs and conform to legislative definition of crimes against ethical values, the religion is then well-defined as evil. The Department of Civil Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior and Bureaus of Civil Affairs in every county and city have the responsibility to clamp down on such an evil religion from harming the decent Taiwanese people.

CEO Zhang points out that although the Constitution of Taiwan guarantees religious freedom, but when the doctrines of a religion overtly violate the good social customs, break the law, ruin the followers’ families or even endanger social harmony, such a religion can no longer be regarded as orthodox but is considered to be evil. Their doctrines and rituals should not be under the safeguard of the Constitution; they ought to be prosecuted and further prohibited from spreading around in order to warn the public to be vigilant; these are the duties of an honest and efficient government. CEO Zhang further indicates that lamas of Tibetan “Buddhism” in Taiwan have constantly committed countless crimes of sexual assaults on Taiwanese women; regretfully, most victims would never speak up out of consideration for their reputation. Why are the female followers of Tibetan “Buddhism” frequently seduced into unlawful sex or sexually assaulted by lamas? It is evidently due to the vile doctrines of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The practices and precepts of lamas are essentially evil and will inevitably lead to criminal behaviors of seriously violating the good social customs and orders, and breaking followers’ families. In fact, the vile doctrines of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism are not socially acceptable. Not only is their “illegal activities” extremely obvious, but they are also long-term habitual offenders. How can the official authorities turn a blind eye on such a vicious religion and use the excuse of “all religions will be given due respect” to guarantee its propagation under the name of “religious freedom”?

CEO Zhang Gongpu especially alerts female followers who wish to join Tibetan “Buddhism.” To approach the so-called “Tibetan Buddhism” with a preconceived trust in the term “Buddhism” is a mistake. Tibetan “Buddhism” flaunts the banner of Buddhism, and steals all the Buddhist terms, but in fact its contents and doctrines have nothing to do with Buddhism. As Taiwan authority officials adopt a passive attitude toward this phenomenon, the Taiwan society is filled with big wild wolves cloaked up in Buddhist coat, and always on the watch to prey on vulnerable, young and attractive Taiwanese women. In view of this, when looking to practice or take refugee in a religion, it is essential to understand its fundamental doctrines, additional rituals and precepts. Above of all, take heed to the so-called “samaya precepts” of Tibetan “Buddhism,” which demands its followers to practice the copulation tantra among fellow practitioners of the opposite sex on a daily basis. If one mistakes the Tibetan fake “Buddhism” for the real Buddhism, and then believes and follows blindly, one will be brain-washed and haunted by its evil teachings and mantras. Adding up with the self-hypnosis power of “Guru Yoga,” the numbing effect will gradually take hold, just like “a frog boiled in cool water.” Eventually, one will be exploited exclusively by the guru who makes unlimited demands. By the time when one loses money, is sexually molested, and also creates the bad karma to fall into the three evil paths, it will be too late to repent.

As for people who doubt that lamas would flagrantly violate the Buddhist pure precepts, CEO Zhang further explains: According to the tantric precepts of Tibetan “Buddhism,” if a lama engages in the couple-practice tantra without leaking his bright drop (no semen ejaculation), or has the ability to draw the semen back into the bladder after ejaculation, or in the worst case manages to swallow the semen down the throat (this also counted as no leaking), then he does not break his precepts. He can still be regarded as keeping the pure precept and desire-free as well. As such, Tibetan “Buddhism” has their self-defined fake “precepts” with no restriction whatsoever merely to satisfy the lamas’ sex desires. As a result, lamas have committed numerous cases of seductions and sexual assaults on Taiwanese women. This is exactly why the True Enlightenment Education Foundation must disclose the fact that “the lamas' practice of the Highest Yoga Tantra is to have sexual intercourse with female followers."

CEO Zhang says that married women should recognize that Tibetan “Buddhism” is counterfeit Buddhism which has false licentious practices. Lamas have been involved in breach of trust, frauds, sexual misconduct and offenses against family. This evil religion is not only liable for civil offenses, but has also instigated believers to violate criminal laws in secrecy. The concerned believers are of pivotal importance. Only when believers realize that doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism” are evil by nature, could they restore their clear mind and gather up their courage to turn away. Only then could they have the chance to cleanse themselves of filthy vice, then transform into pure goodness, and to extricate themselves from degenerating. At this point, they could even contribute to the amelioration of social customs and further prosecute the wrongdoings to save more followers from being depraved with the evil doctrines. This is how a religion can keep its purity, our nation its dignity and our society its peace. Only with all these prerequisites, would the freedom of religion protected by the Constitution make sense. A religion that encourages its preachers to offend against believers’ families or sexual morality should not be protected by the constitutional provisions of religious freedom; instead, it should be banned. The Department of Civil Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior and Bureaus of Civil Affairs in every county and city are obliged to carry this through because the freedom of religion in the Constitution does not include protecting an evil religion that breaks the law. (Reported by By Guo Fengyan) 20111215

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on June 20, 2011