Tibetan “Buddhism”? The Dark Side of the Human Mind

Published:2011/11/07 13:46

(By Guo Fengyan of the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei) On the appearance, it seems that many practitioners of Tibetan “Buddhism” have realized the true reality of the Buddha-dharma. Regarding this, Xiong Jun, Executive Secretary of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, explains that Tibetan Tantric practitioners are good at using great titles, such as dharma-king, living “Buddha” and rinpoche to deceive followers and defraud followers of their money by elevating false level of attainment. Those fake stage of attainment are actually made from severe deception; those with such titles are all ordinary people.

Xiong Jun points out that the Dalai Lama is extolled as the reincarnation of Avalokitesvava Bodhisattva. Most Buddhists would never dare to commit such deed of severe deception. As Tibetan lamas claiming themselves as the rebirths of great bodhisattvas or to have attained Buddhahood, most Buddhists would not have any doubt on that, for everyone knows very well that should a person lie about his level of attainment, the extreme painful retribution in uninterrupted hell for uncountable eons will be drawn for those severe deceptions. As a result, nobody dares to commit such evil deeds. Therefore, when lamas openly claim to have such lofty level of realization, they could effortlessly earn blind idolatry and respect from the novices.

Executive Secretary Xiong further points out that Tibetan lamas, up from the Dalai Lama and down to the ordinary ones, are all pursuers of the couple-practice of the “Highest Yoga Tantra.” They love to immerse themselves in the lustful desires in long hours every day without the least undefiled mind as that of the ordinary people. They are not able to eliminate the love of the desire-realm, nor can they realize the no-desire state of the form and formless-realm, not to mention the state beyond them. Apparently, they do not achieve the level of the first dhyana obtained by the non-Buddhist who is able to stay away from desires. In addition, attaching firmly to the conscious mind, Tantric practitioners regard it as the mind of permanent existence. Therefore, it is evident that the First Fruit level of sound-hearers, achieved by those who have eliminated their self-view, which has not even been realized by any lamas from ancient times till now. Even worse, they often illicitly have sex with other people’s wives and daughters to seek for the lustful pleasure throughout the body; with such disgraceful behavior, lamas cannot even abide by the ethical standards of ordinary people, let alone be an enlightened Bodhisattva. How could they possibly be the rebirth of any bodhisattva?

Tibetan ”Buddhism” is an organized, long-lasing international fraudulent group. Executive Secretary Xiong states that they lure the public by claiming that one can “attain Buddhahood in a single lifetime” through practicing tantras. The beginners of Buddhism, wishing to learn the pure way of practice, normally do not have the capability to identify what the real essence should be to attain Buhhdahood. Therefore, they tend to totally accept the bold claim of “attaining Buddhahood in a lifetime” by Tibetan “Buddhism” and inevitably fall into the dark and endless pit. During the process of so-called the way to Buddhahood, a great deal of fortune would be offered by the followers in order to get the blessings from their gurus. Some female followers even offer their own bodies to please their gurus; unfortunately, they are sexually abused by lamas and still naively believe that this is the way to “attain Buddhahood in a single lifetime.”

Xiong Jun points out: Tibetan “Buddhism” has placed the status of gurus well above the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha; that is in fact a deliberate cunning plot. Xiong Jun further says that Tibetan “Buddhism” emphasizes that empowerment could only be received while the followers have full faith in their gurus. The followers must accept whatever the gurus or rinpoches demand, so that they could become neither plural nor distinctive from their gurus. This is indeed a typical way of brainwashing. Once being brainwashed, the followers would just offer whatever the gurus ask for, money or sexuality alike. As a result, the followers would commence their way of Buddhist practice of depending on the person but not the doctrine; what they are learning indeed has nothing to do with the true Buddha dharma at all. While knowing what the true dharma is, we are deeply saddened by the fact that the fundamental teaching of Tibetan “Buddhism” is not only having illicit sex with other people’s wives and daughters, but also taking money offerings from them.

Xiong Jun explains sincerely and earnestly that the cultivation path taught by the Buddha is to practice through the process of “hearing, pondering and cultivating” and to negate the conscious mind (the sixth vijnana) and its belongings of self; thereby one can be able to eliminate self-view and to “realize” the First Fruit. (However, in the teachings of Tibetan “Buddhism,” lamas are required to seek the sensual pleasure via sex throughout the body everyday, which is exactly the state of the conscious mind and the body-vijnana. Both are within the scope of vijnana-skandha and its belongings of self). Furthermore, it is essential to stay away from desires to activate the First Dhyana and to realize the Third Fruit; moreover, one must get enlightened by realizing the eighth vijnana Tathagatagarbha, thereby becoming a great bodhisattva. A great bodhisattva is not a Buddha yet until his All-Seed-Prajna has been fully fulfilled. Hence, how could the obscene copulation tantra with sexual pleasure enjoyed by lamas of Tibetan “Buddhism,” which is down and tied to the desire-realm enable the practitioners to become Buddha? All wise people should be aware of it and avoid being led astray so as not to fall beyond redemption.

Lastly, Executive Secretary Xiong Jun states: observing from above, we can see there is no bright side at all in the minds of the Tibetan “Buddhism” leader and all lamas. Since they have been following the root doctrine of Tibetan “Buddhism,” teachings of the Lotus Born and Tsongkhapa, and seeking the lustful pleasure from the copulation with female followers everyday. The state of the sexual enjoyment of the desire-realm is the only thing that lamas think of during the day and dream about at night. Indeed, we can conclude that the lamas’ minds are full of darkness. (Reported by Guo Fengyan) 20111107

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on February 25, 2011