Preachers of the Great Exposition of Tantra deliberately create confusion with regard to the essence of the Couple-Practice Tantra

Published:2011/07/01 09:20

(By You Shuqing of the True Heart News Interviewing team in Taipei) CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, Zhang Gongpu indicates that the social elites ignore the sexual love doctrines that the Dalai Lama claims, “Copulation tantra is an absolute must for Tibetan Buddhist practitioners,” and disregard the enormous price that Taiwan society has paid for: many victims have practiced Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and plenty of others are still following the teachings of its Great Exposition of Tantra. Instead, the social elites contest whether Tsongkhapa had actually preached the couple-practice in the Great Exposition of Tantra. Their attempt to defend such evil doctrines is just most disgraceful.

Zhang Gongpu expresses sincerely and earnestly that the unwillingness and cowardice of the Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to respond to the very simple question, whether “the Dalai Lama advocates that the practitioners must practice the Couple-Practice Tantra,” fully reflects their dishonest and dodging mentality. The True Enlightenment Education Foundation has no choice but to expose the truth to the general public through a non-profit social advertisement.

Zhang Gongpu further points out that there are still mindless individuals in Taiwan who are ignorant about the ins and outs of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, yet with full intention to protect the lamas. They just randomly state that “not all the lamas practice the copulation tantra” to confuse the public opinion. These people couldn’t care less about Taiwanese people’s welfare, but only take pleasure in arguing. They turn a blind eye to the decent morals that put our society to the right track. No one shows the least regard for the truth about the Dalai Lama’s “mantra” that “practitioners must practice the Couple-Practice Tantra eventually.” They should have raised banners when the Dalai Lama last visited Taiwan to protest against such ridiculous and nefarious doctrines. Yet, they were nowhere to be found.

As for the True Enlightenment Buddhist Group being smeared and accused of having links with the Chinese Communist Party, CEO Zhang of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation is not surprised at all, as these accusations do not just start today. The True Enlightenment group was hoping that some other groups would, out of justice, lead the general public to stay away for good from such devious practices. Such anticipation, however, has failed not unexpectedly. There are scholars with in-depth research on Tibetan Buddhism who have known all too well about Tibetan lamas’ outrageous conducts, including alcohol drinking, meat eating, ritual sacrifice, senseless fire offering, demons and spirits worshipping, demon-disguised buddha summoning, Buddhism transmuting, and sexual love enthroning, all are deemed to harm orthodox Buddhism. Though they disagree with such vile acts, these scholars are held back by all kinds of intimidation and threat from Tibetan Buddhists. They merely suppress their rage and keep quiet out of fear. We fully understand their predicament.

Zhang Gongpu explains that the Foundation is more than happy to see any social group or Buddhist temple, whose courage is brave enough to step forward and condemn the outrageous conducts committed by Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and also call on the masses to face this truth. Meanwhile, the Foundation is more than willing to stay behind the scenes. But seeing the current facts: None of the Buddhist temples or groups today dares to take the great risk to confront Tibetan Tantric Buddhism; the government ignores the lamas’ massive sexual assaults to Taiwanese women; the government turns a blind eye to the vile doctrines of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism which advocate the sexual practice of molesting the wives or daughters of others while ruining many families; and the Foundation has no choice but to undertake this task with a view to clarifying matters to the public. Somehow, a handful of individuals in the political and religious circles still help the villains do their evil deeds by creating confusion with regard to the issues of the Couple-Practice versus non-Couple-Practice and obscenity . These individuals resort to the name of government authority in order to suppress and impede the Foundation’s act of justice in every way. CEO Zhang sighs with great emotion, “Retrospectively, during the eighth century in ancient India, the tantric monks, who practiced the copulation tantra, were constantly under unprincipled protection, which led to the extinction of orthodox Buddhism in the end. This is the historical fact that cited as ‘Prospering of Tibetan Tantrism and downfall of orthodox Buddhism.’

CEO Zhang says, “Based on the founding principles of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, we have been working hard and trying cautiously to educate the public in order to meet the high expectation of our members. Since our non-profit advertisements released in four of the major national newspapers, we have received broad consensus and compliments from the readers around the whole country. This situation has never happened before since we began promoting orthodox Buddhism of Buddha Sakyamuni more than a decade ago. This corroborates what Bodhisattva Xuanzang stated in the past: ‘It is difficult for the correct dharmas to manifest if the erroneous ones are not destroyed.’

CEO Zhang continues, “We are convinced that the public are now aware of the religious problems and start to realize what the society really needs. The public will also start to check whether the doctrines of each religion are in compliance with law and order or in accordance with good social ethics. Therefore, we believe that the fact of how tantric religion is seriously hampering our social morals and destroying family values in such a stealthy way should be revealed to the public. By doing so, Taiwan will regain its original state of good morals and peaceful lives. This is the result that all the inhabitants of this island would love to see."

“The lamas all consider Taiwan to be their major financial donor. They are currently flocking into Taiwan in large numbers.” CEO Zhang Gongpu urges the public to appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affair to reject those lamas’ entry visa applications and resist to the pressure from some representatives lobbying for the lamas. He is also calling for the public to strongly condemn the unlawful behavior of the representatives who are defending the “copulation tantra” practice of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Those representatives either they are ignorant to the reality of the “copulation tantra” or they are the hatchet men for the lamas. Under the disguise of religious freedom, they slandered the foundation which has been safeguarding Taiwanese females from sexual abuses by the lamas. Those representatives attempted to defame the foundation by unjustly accusing it of anti Tibet independence, religious Hitler, and being financially backed by the Chinese Communist Party. All of these defilements were meant to defuse public attention to the fact that the central focus for all the lamas of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is essentially the copulation tantra practice, which is supported by the Dalai Lama. Those representatives were acting like the hatchet men of the past monarchical regime; on the other hand, what could Taiwan society benefit from their irresponsible actions? Wise citizens should vote against those representatives who are pressurizing the Ministry of Foreign Affair for issuing entry visa to the lamas. We have to prevent the lamas from entering Taiwan to cheat out of our fortune and mistreat our females.

Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is a parasite on Buddhism. It is not Buddhismand is originated from Hindu Tantric Yoga with copulation tantra as the core practice. For those grass-roots and die-hard supporters of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, CEO Zhang Gongpu urges them to find out the contents which have been disclosed by the Foundation and thereby verify the doctrines of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism accordingly. He hopes that those supporters, upon their verification, can break away from the hypocritical and worthless practice as soon as possible, and will also decide to strongly condemn the copulation practice of Tantric Buddhism altogether. In this way, the true Buddhists should urge the Dalai Lama to make a public declaration together with the other three major sects of Tantric Buddhism: Tibetan Tantric Buddhism will abandon the Couple-Practice Tantra and its cultivation and practices, effective immediately. Or they can make another public declaration: The doctrines of the Couple-Practice Tantra, which was introduced from Tibet to Taiwan, belong to Lamaism exclusively and have nothing to do with orthodox Buddhism. Only those declarations can help Taiwan society remain truly peaceful and free. (Reported by You Shuqing) 20110701

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on February 04, 2011