Ghouls Lead the Innocent to Slaughter - Drelwa Online’s Self-immolation Guide (Part 2) - Profiles of the consecutive self-immolation incidents in Tibet (Part 6)

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Tibetan Buddhism sexually violates others’ wives and daughters, and is not Buddhism. | TrueHeartNews | Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, and is definitely not Buddhism.

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Published:2013/9/24    14:10

(Reported by the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)

In the summer of 2012, young Tibetan lama Tudan Badeng was stirred up by “sister Dolma” of Drelwa Online to the point of thinking, “if I do want to self-immolate, it shouldn’t be casually done.” To this thought, Dolma immediately responded approvingly saying, “Self-immolation takes courage and preparation, and should not be done rashly; if a person is going to die that death should be of value …

To Dolma, Tudan Badeng’s message signaled that the time was ripe to deploy the second part of the action plan detailed in the Self-immolation Guide produced by the Dalai group, namely, “preparation for self-immolation”; Dolma informed her superiors and awaited orders for her crew to take actions and coax Badeng into making appropriate arrangements, including “giving detailed instructions to the self-immolators on picking important days and places…, leaving written or recorded last words… and “most importantly, asking help from a couple of trustworthy people to take videos and photos.” Then designated media would await Badeng’s “heroism” and an official spokesperson of Dalai’s counterfeit Buddhism group would standby for a press conference to elevate Badeng to the status of a “martyr” as he is being engulfed by fire, wailing in agony in front of the camera.

Luckily Tudan Baden backed out before it was too late, or else he would never have ever found out what might take his life! Dolma is no ordinary Tibetan-in-exile. Her real name is Tsering Wangmo. She departed from Qinghai to India illegally in 1998 and is now one of the key people in charge of the Dalai group’s communication project Drelwa Online. Hidden behind several internet pseudonyms, Tsering Wangmo’s primary responsibility is to infiltrate, confuse and instigate Chinese “netizens”- Tibetan “netizens” in particular - with the ultimate goal of provoking unrest through spreading rumors as well as collecting Chinese intelligence. Tudan Badeng was one of the dupes she lured from the internet. He almost got tantalized into false martyrdom by this newly acquainted “sister” and ended his life in a blaze of flame

After the story behind Tudan Badeng’s aborted “self-immolation” was uncovered, the Dalai group published a special interview with Tsering Wangmo on its official media Voice of Tibet to counter the undeniable accusations. This report was quickly reposted on the website of the Tibet Religious Foundation of H.H. the Dalai Lama in Taiwan, admitting to Tsering Wangmo’s leadership position in Drelawa Online and her online correspondence with a young “monk” from the Yushu area within the Chinese border who went by the QQ nickname “Ren-ding.” All other unverifiable allegations were conveniently written off by the Dalai group.

During the interview, Tsering Wangmo said, “I think as a Tibetan, especially a Tibetan living in a free country, I have the responsibility to clarify the facts. That’s why I explained to him why Tibetans choose to self-immolate and the reasons for self-immolation, etc. But I did not incite him to self-immolate.” Following this outright denial, she tried to vindicate herself by using soft statements to remove doubts: “Being a Tibetan, they are my compatriots, my brothers and sisters, and I cannot possibly tell them to self-immolate. Besides, would somebody burn himself simply because you tell him to? He wouldn’t, because human beings are intelligent creatures with their own minds.

Though this mysterious internet woman uses the expression “being a Tibetan,” she actually betrayed the Tibetans in 1998 by taking flight illegally from Guide in Qinghai to India to seek refuge in Dalai’s regime. Over the years, rather than showing concern for her homeland and compatriots, while she was abroad, she disseminated dubious information about things she never actually experienced or witnessed. How can she claim that she “has the responsibility to clarify the facts”? And how can she lie through her teeth and say that she “did not incite him to self-immolate”? Just as the Self-immolation Guide of the Dalai group was brought to light and Tudan Badeng’s detailed accounts attested to its workings, Tsering Wangmo’s prevarication and denial seem rather ineffective.

By branding herself as “a Tibetan living in a free country,” Tsering Wangmo was trying to set herself above her victims. India can surely be considered a free country, but Dalai and his Dharamsala-based government-in-exile constitute no country and offer no freedom. Made up of corrupt and depraved officials, nobles, and lamas, as well as increasingly despondent exiles, Dalai’s exile community is under mind-controlling totalitarian rule, and the means that his Tibetan fake Buddhism utilizes to suppress and persecute dissidents have always been ruthless. As a matter of fact, Tibetans were surviving in Old Tibet under the reign of Dalai Lamas when upper class lamas, nobles, and feudal lords controlled and divided up resources while the majority of Tibetans were downtrodden serfs with neither freedom nor human rights. The exploitation and oppression that Tibetan serfs had endured were horrendous beyond descriptions. Back then, freedom and human rights could have been granted to the serfs, yet Old Tibet’s ruling class never wanted to let that happen.

True Buddhism does not espouse the mode of individualistic freedom advocated in today’s western society. Rather, it gives guidance to all disciples of the Three Jewels and teaches them to attain "liberty" through the various Samadhi of the Buddha dharma and eventually to attain realization of the ultimate reality. On the contrary, fake Tibetan Buddhism headed by the Dalai Lama can never lead its adherents to freedom since its erroneous doctrines and flawed practices (Highest Yoga Tantra) lead to bondage within greed, anger, and worldly desires, and also empathetic connection with ghosts and spirits via various fire offerings and pujas [homa]. Now that it has been proven they have been coaxing and manipulating innocent young people into committing “self-immolation” through the unprecedented and appalling Self-immolation Guide, how can we associate the word “liberty” with this hypocritical religious group who furtively maintain a hidden reign over the Tibetans-in-exile in Dharamsala? And what qualifies a puppet who, like a spider, sets up a web on the internet to catch the innocent to talk about “freedom”?

Not only is the "rational appeal" of the Dalai group empty talk, their "sentimental rhetoric" is a show as well. Let’s look at the cases of Reting Rinpoche, the former regent and mentor of Dalai Lama, and Tsipön Lungshar, the former chief commander of Tibetan military, after losing power in political struggles due to their pro-Chinese stance, both were punished by gouging out their eyes and died. Weren’t they once the so-called "compatriots" of the Dalai group also?

In addition, after Dalai went into exile, he began to extensively purge dissidents in 1966, demonizing the dharma protector Dorje Shugden which the Dalai Lamas had piously worshipped for centuries (Dorje Shugden is actually one of the many monster like guardian beings of Tantric Buddhism), imposing a ban on its worship, and threatening that any Tibetans who “continue to worship would be the public enemy of Tibetan society."

Subsequently, the “Tibetan Youth Congress” and the “Tibetan Women's Association” were ordered to enforce the ban by dispatching a hoard of their members to Tibetan communities and monasteries in Dharamsala to search for and destroy statues of Dorje Shugden, smashing windows, burning houses, harassing and beating up its believers, and engendering many incidents of bloodstained violence along the way. Many Tibetans who followed Dalai into exile were forced to desert their homes and temples. Didn’t Dalai regard these Dorje Shugden believers his "brothers and sisters" in the past, the same way Tudan Badeng, the young lama who had a close shave with suicide, was warmly addressed by “sister Dolma”? Weren’t both parties betrayed and forsaken in the end? If history is any guide, the "sentimental rhetoric" delivered by Drelwa Online’s Tsering Wangmo, too, is hollow affection.

Events of 1996

The Issue of Religious Intolerance

The most heinous part about Drelwa Online is that it blames its victims to clear its own name, defending that "Besides, would somebody burn himself simply because you tell him to? He wouldn’t, because human beings are intelligent creatures with their own minds.” The Self-immolation Guide was an accidental leak at a time of desperation for the Dalai group. Its continuous instigation of Tibetans to self-immolations is a widely reported fact, despite the heartless claim of the schemer and the accomplice that "They wouldn’t because human beings are intelligent creatures with their own minds." In essence, to take themselves off the hook, they were facetiously hinting that their victims are "mindless or inferior creatures" - a truth they unintentionally let out and explain their callous attitude toward the victims! It goes to show how much regard Tsering Wangmo and her backstage masters have for human lives. Those who animate Drelwa Online are indeed the ghouls leading the innocent to slaughter! (Reported by the Interviewing Team)20130924

Editor’s Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on

June 5, 2013.


Tibetan Buddhism sexually violates others’ wives and daughters, and is not Buddhism. | TrueHeartNews | Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, and is definitely not Buddhism.

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