The Spiritual Mentors Whom Everyone Worships by Day Become Whoremongers at Night

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Tibetan Buddhism sexually violates others’ wives and daughters, and is not Buddhism. | TrueHeartNews | Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, and is definitely not Buddhism.

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Published:2011/09/19 08:00

(By You Shuqing of the True Heart News Interviewing Team in Taipei) According to a recent news report in Taiwan, a well-known reincarnated living-buddha Naimai Rinpoche from Dzogchen Monastery of Sicuan, China, changing into casual jeans out of his maroon lama-robe, was caught on the spot by the police for having sex with a prostitute in WanHua, Taipei City.

Xiong Jun, Executive Secretary of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation indicates that any politician in Taiwan, once involved in buying sex, will surely get extensive coverage from the media. This is because the conduct of public figures will affect the welfare of the general public, and their ethical integrity must be subject to public scrutiny. For the same reason, the public will have higher expectations of those sacred religious spiritual mentors, who live off the offerings of their followers. Similarly, the school teachers are also expected to behave consistently with the loftier morality and to be more self-disciplined than the general public. Therefore, it is only natural to expect a full-time religious mentor to have higher ethical standard.

Xiong Jun further indicates that the religious spiritual mentor, even ratified as a “living-buddha,” slipped off the maroon robe and changed into an ordinary outfit, violating the precepts to deceive people; he shamelessly bought sex in the red-light district with total disregard for the Buddhist precepts; while being caught at the scene by the police, he even claimed his innocence using the excuse of “studying local customs.” As a citizen of this country, we cannot help but feel astounded and condemn their conduct. The basic moral integrity of those “reincarnated living-buddhas,” lamas, and rinpoches of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism cannot possibly match the expectations of the Taiwanese society and earn our respect. In addition, this proves why the True Enlightenment Education Foundation has long been educating the general public, through various channels, not to blindly believe in the rinpoches, lamas, and living-buddhas of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism in order to protect the Taiwanese females from the sexual assaults by lamas and the tragedy of potential family break-up.

Xiong Jun sincerely expresses his doubts: Why does the Taiwan Government allow the entrance of so many Tibetan lamas to hurt the Taiwanese people? Why are there no effective reviewing and tracking systems to control their entry to Taiwan? Our Government even issues the resident permits to fake Buddhist lamas, who then deceive the Taiwanese people. We believe that the true meaning of the religious freedom protected by the constitutional law is to stop any evil religion and provide an orderly, decent society by the Government, guiding the Taiwanese people into the virtuous and peaceful religious beliefs to correct the present materialized and money-worshipping society. This is the essence of religious freedom. It is not to indiscriminately allow those evil religions, which mislead their followers into sexual misconduct with bloody and harmful rituals, to hurt the decent Taiwanese people.

Taiwan Government should not provide the entry visas or even issue the resident permits to lamas merely based on a certificate of “reincarnated living-buddha,” thus preventing money and love fraud by the lamas. Xiong Jun calls upon the Government to strictly control the entrance of Tibetan lamas into Taiwan. Moreover, in order to prevent them from re-entry to Taiwan under a different name after committing crimes, it is essential to keep the lamas’ photographs and compile their finger prints database. For lamas with records of sex crimes or frauds, they should all be listed in a database and be denied entry to Taiwan.

All academic and Buddhist societies should provide the information about the promiscuous and evil essence of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism for Taiwanese people. This will allow the public to understand the fact that lamas accept the disciples’ offerings and worship by day, but take off their maroon robes at night to buy sex in the red-light district with their disciples’ contribution, or they seduce their female followers into sexual misconduct using the lie of “attaining buddhahood in a lifetime.” Only this way can we prevent the decent Taiwanese people from the religious fraud by Tibetan fake Buddhism; thus, financial losses, sexual assaults, and the tragedy of family break-up will be avoided.

Xiong Jun indicates that the Taiwan Government has been granting easy entry to Tibetan lamas and living-buddhas during recent two decades for unknown reasons. Many Tibetan Tantric lamas are coming to Taiwan. They do not work for a living but in fact commit religion-related money frauds and sexual assaults. They are living an excessive lifestyle with all expenses, including buying sex in the red-light district, covered by the donations from their kind-hearted Taiwanese followers, who squeeze their own living expenses and humbly, on their knees and with both hands, offer their hard-earned money to lamas and rinpoches. These Tibetan lamas and rinpoches enjoy themselves lavishly by savoring meat and alcohol in colorful nightlife. They then brag about: “As a living-buddha, I enjoy meat and wine, with buddhas still in my mind.” Sometimes they got caught on the spot by the police or by the husband for their sexual misconduct. Once their sex scandals received widespread media coverage, the lamas would always try to play innocent with every possible excuse or even pretended to be incapable of understanding Chinese to avoid police interrogation.

Xiong Jun indicates that the Tibetan gurus, loftily high above, receive worship and offerings from their followers, but secretly they misuse those contributions for buying sex, and they also lure Taiwanese female followers to perform sexual rituals. Therefore, Taiwan husbands are cuckolded and their families are shattered; worst of all, even adolescent girls are not spared. In case when a lama issue went seriously wrong and could no longer be covered up, other practice centers of Tibetan “Buddhism” would handle the problem immediately by severing the link with the trouble maker. The routine scenario would be that a spokesman of the Tibetan Foundation will make a public statement to the press media: “They are fake lamas! What they did has nothing to do with Tibetan Buddhism.” Those lamas in trouble would then fled out of Taiwan overnight and stay away from the public attention. After a year or two, those lamas would forge a brand new identity, and the Taiwan Government will again grant entry to those lamas, enabling them to mess around in Taiwan as usual.

Xiong Jun sighs with emotion and indicates that: The said crime pattern has been recognized as a common method for the incoming Tibetan lamas to commit crimes in groups. We wonder whether this crime pattern results from the Taiwanese naivety or the Government’s laissez-faire approach of issuing lamas’ entry. These Tibetan lamas are totally incompetent to guide the people or correct social customs during their stay in Taiwan. Instead, they secretly propagate the couple-practice of copulation and have sex with others’ wives and daughters under the guise of living-buddhas. They fool their female followers by claiming that “the attainment of whole-body bliss is exactly the achievement of right and universal knowledge, and one attains buddahood in this lifetime.” They use fake buddha-dharma to defraud their followers of money and collect huge amounts of donations by teaching the fictitious practices of Puja for Wealth. The Taiwanese followers pay a substantial amount of money to learn these worthless practices for no results. On the other hand, lamas indeed have collected a big fortune through the teaching about puja for wealth.

Xiong-Jun further points out that Linla Rinpoche alone, who sexually attacked his female followers, swindled away hundreds of million NT dollars in just a few years during his stay in Taiwan. After all, with countless lamas available in Taiwan, how much money in total have all the lamas swindled away from our kind-hearted Taiwanese in one year? These lamas, who are totally ignorant of the Three-Vehicle Bodhi Buddha-dharma, buy sex and eventually get infected with venereal diseases. They later transmit these diseases to their female followers, and then to the followers’ spouses, and those sexually transmitted diseases will cause the defective births of blind and deformed babies. The historical evidence clearly shows that lamas had lived a dissolute life in the history of late Yuan Dynasty. The similar situation is likely to recur in current Taiwan. Subsequently, it will threaten our public health and put a heavy burden on our national health insurance system. Is this the result of our Government’s anticipation? Moreover, the practice centers of Tibetan “Buddhism” are everywhere in Taiwan now, forming their specific food chain, and live in our virtuous societies like parasites. They are in fact the un-timed bombs of sexual crimes and frauds in the Taiwan society. Whether it is a blessing or a disaster? We cannot help but ask the question: Whether the Taiwan’s “religious freedom” is to provide the native people with the right to choose their religious beliefs freely or to allow lamas to commit money frauds and sexual crimes freely in Taiwan?

Xiong Jun points out that based on our long-term research and having verified with the sutras of orthodox Buddhism, we found that Tibetan “Buddhism” (Tibetan Tantric Buddhism or Lamaism) is essentially not orthodox Buddhism. Regarding the various practicing methods that Tibetan “Buddhism” rely on such as the fundamental tantras, precepts, various empowerment rituals, four preparatory practices, the Guru-Yoga, the yoga of consciousness transference, the Great Seal, the Great Perfection, none of them belongs to the Buddha’s teachings. Besides, Tibetan “Buddhism” has borrowed the Buddhist terms from orthodox Buddhism to cover up their tantric practice of Hinduism. The so-called attainment of Buddhahood in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism refers to a specific way of experiencing the sexual climax. Once an individual is able to enjoy sexual pleasure for a long period of time without ejaculation during sexual intercourse, he can then claim to “have achieved Buddhahood in this lifetime,” while in fact, he is committing severe deception. As a result, the self-proclaimed living-buddhas and dharma-kings are everywhere, consuming meat and alcohol, having sex with whores, or engaging in illicit sex with others’ wives or daughters, without any respect to precepts or laws. Due to blind idolatry, many overzealous followers of Tibetan “Buddhism” are willing to finance the lamas’ lustful lifestyle, and why wouldn’t those lamas happily accept their admirers’ offerings? In fact, the blind adoration and mutual reliance between the Tibetan gurus and their adherents come from their misunderstanding about Buddhism or the Buddha Dharma. Moreover, Tibetan lamas deceitfully boast about their level of realization in Buddhism, and mislead the general public into religious blind faith and fanaticism. Hence, “the rising of Tantrism coupled with the downfall of orthodox Buddhism” happening one thousand years ago in Indian history may recur in present-day Taiwan and China. And this is certainly not the outcome for those Taiwanese who advocate “religious freedom” would love to see.

Xiong Jun sadly indicates that those religious zealots mostly do not know the fact that Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is actually counterfeit Buddhism and lack the correct Buddhist knowledge, or believe blindly in the supernatural powers. These people are easily fooled by mythology and advertising hype made up by evil Tibetan lamas who mislead the public into personal worship. If the current situation remains unchanged, the followers of Tibetan “Buddhism” in Taiwan will eventually be brainwashed by the living-buddhas or rinpoches. Furthermore, the open and democratic society of Taiwan would backslide into the serf-era in which the phenomenon of authoritarian deification prevailed. Once the followers were successfully brainwashed, these tantric religious scammer could just collect money and molest women as they wish, and even manipulate the adherents’ lives. And Tibetan “Buddhism” is indeed the largest group scammers because it has been under the guise of Buddhism for over one thousand years with its superb publicity. Most outsiders cannot see through their cunning propagandas, let alone disclose the hidden truth.

Xiong Jun points out that over the last few decades, Tibetan lamas have been exiled overseas and have furthered their practice around the world. In order to actually practice the copulation tantra in accordance with the fundamental doctrine of Tibetan “Buddhism,” lamas or rinpoches have to make use of various means and false speeches to get decent women into sex. They beguile women by giving their practice a dignified name, such as joyful buddha, joyful Chan meditation, or the Highest Yoga Tantra to attain buddhahood in this lifetime. In any country where Tibetan lamas are active, there will be cases of lamas’ financial or love frauds in the news; sometimes, even the news about sexual abuses on adolescent girls by lamas is heard of. These Tibetan “Buddhism” scandals are not isolated incidents, but are expected and inevitable. Cases exposed by the public media are only the tip of the iceberg. This is because the essence and doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism” require the constant couple-practice of copulation with multiple partners of the opposite sex in turn. This is the teachings of the tantras passed down by patriarchs such as Tsongkhapa and his successors, and it is an unchangeable hard fact.

Finally, Xiong Jun points out that if Tibetan Tantric Buddhism abandoned the couple-practice tantra, the living-buddhas or rinpoches would then lose their privilege of enjoying the lustful pleasure; Tibetan “Buddhism” would no longer be the Tantric school with secret transmission; consequently, it would cease to exist. Therefore, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism will hold its ground for the couple-practice of copulation and continue to mislead Taiwanese people with various tricks. The True Enlightenment Education Foundation will persistently undertake the task of educating the general public about the devious and promiscuous nature of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The public have the right to “know” the truth about it. (Reported by You Shuqing) 20110918

Editor's Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on March 9, 2011

Tibetan Buddhism sexually violates others’ wives and daughters, and is not Buddhism. | TrueHeartNews | Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, and is definitely not Buddhism.

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