A space in pagoda of urn is hard to find, but with $500 US dollars Tibetan Tantric School offers you Buddhahood!

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Tibetan Buddhism sexually violates others’ wives and daughters, and is not Buddhism. | TrueHeartNews | Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, and is definitely not Buddhism.

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Published:2011/03/25 10:30

(Reported by You Shuqing of the True Heart News Interviewing team in Taipei) In the diversified society of Taiwan, a wave of protecting Taiwan women is currently on stage. The public voice of ridding sexual assaults by any Elmer Gantry of lamas is growing ever so strongly. This is seen as a major step towards the gender equality rights. In many other countries worldwide, women often become a sacrifice for Elmer Gantry under existing mysterious religion or witchcraft. In the past, women in Taiwan also fell prey to this evil incantation – ever since the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism into the island. Now, one of the non-profit educational organization, the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, with academic and professional research studies, appeals to the public to protect women from being deceived and caught up with religious sexual assaults.

In July this year, the Dalai Lama is scheduled to hold an empowerment ritual of Kalachakra Tantra in Washington D.C. Executive Secretary of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, Xiong Jun says that according to the advertisement posted on the Dalai Lama’s official website, there are three types of entrance tickets: regular tickets of 11 days, 9 days and 7 days attendance. The most expensive one is the regular ticket of 11 days full attendance at a cost of around $475 US dollars. The advertisement particularly emphasizes that “Whoever has received this empowerment and has every intention to practice will definitely attain Buddhahood within seven lifetimes, regardless of whether he actually practices.”

Xiong Jun points out that this advertisement reveals a couple of facts: First, Tibetan Buddhists did not even master the study of linguistics, let alone truly realized the studies of logic and inner insights which are required for Buddhahood. The latter part of this focal sentence indicates that “regardless of whether he actually practices” one will definitely attain Buddhahood within seven lifetimes, but the former part contradicts in saying “has every intention to practice” upon receiving the empowerment. In two short clauses, there are already obvious contradictions that they could not explain away. What is their accomplishment on the studies of the logic and linguistic insights? If they do not even understand the most basic worldly logic-epistemology and linguistic, what can they teach people about the profound inner insights, logic insights and linguistic insights of the true reality of prajna? They don't even understand the fundamental linguistic study, still less about the wisdom of liberation at the stage of the First Fruit, not to mention millions times profounder and more wondrous wisdom of inner insights and logic insights? We can easily see an issue in the Dalai Lama's advertisement (such a simple task needs not slightest brain power): According to the Dalai Lama's wording, should one perform cultivation and practice or not after receiving his empowerment? They didn't even master the simple grammatical logic and yet boasting off their mastering studies of five-insight before initiating the practice of Tibetan Tantric School. It just proves that the five-insight Buddhist College of the Tibetan Tantric School attends only the conceptual elaboration, and has nothing to do with Buddhism. No wonder a funny flavor would be added to their advertisement!

The second one is: The Dalai Lama seems to be impoverished and reduced to sell “Buddha dharma” cheap. Is he really so poor that he has to sell tickets to promote Tibetan Buddhism? We think not. He only wishes to acquire more resources for fulfilling his political schemes and consolidating his position in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. For now, let's just put this aside and tentatively believe what he says in the advertisement and then try to infer if he is able to make someone a Buddha before deciding to take the Dalai Lama’s empowerment, so as not to be deceived and laughed at by the Dalai Lama afterwards for being stupid to fall for such a simple trick.

Tibetan Buddhism is so good at utilizing commercial tactics to exploit the public's ignorance and greediness to promote Tantras. By offering attendance to the Dalai Lama’s speeches under $500 US dollars each, setting up the Tibetan Tantric empowerment ritual, without cultivating virtues and wisdom, “lifting someone into Buddhahood within seven lifetimes” is just a delusion. One can well imagine that if a “Tibetan Tantric Buddha” can be purchased at the cost of under $500 US dollars, it is not as valuable as the going price of a “hard to get” space in a pagoda of urn in Taiwan, and less than the price of buying a minor official position in the Qing Dynasty. Such a worthless “Tibetan Tantric Buddha”, all the wise people in Taiwan and the United States might as well just ignore it. Otherwise after seven lifetimes, when you finally realized having been deceived and cheated, from whom could you ask for a refund? What the Dalai Lama is playing here is an all-gain-but-no-lose simple trick, which will be entirely forgotten in anyone's next life, where there will not have been any past life memory of such a fraudulent act. This is exactly why he proposes to offer the empowerment trick of becoming a Buddha with ease without cultivation and practice in seven lifetimes to attract people. Somehow, he has forgotten the most important issue: his own eighth vijnana, Tathagatagarbha, will record and store every evil deed of his literally in this lifetime, and carry out the retribution accordingly after his death. The existence of the eighth vijnana, Tathagatagarbha, has been realized by many practitioners at the True Enlightenment Association; it is not that the Dalai Lama does not believe in its existence, so his own eighth vijnana, Tathagatagarbha, would write off his evil deeds.

As the Dalai Lama has claimed that the attendants will attain Buddhahood within seven lifetimes under his empowerment, Xiong Jun further expresses sincere and earnest concerns that everybody should bear a question in mind: Has the Dalai Lama already attained Buddhahood himself? If he has, even though the worthless empowerment does not help attendants to become a Buddha within seven lifetimes, nevertheless, a certain degree of merits and virtues would be gained from the empowerment. But if he has not yet attained Buddhahood himself, then his claims to help people become a Buddha is nothing but a flat lie. After we brought up this issue, if the Dalai Lama still dares to proclaim being a Buddha, then we shall ask him to perform at least one kind of Buddha's magnificent supernatural powers to the audiences worldwide. However, in modern history, we all know too well that back in the old days in Tibet, the Dalai Lama was at a lose and had to “summon gods for oracles” to decide whether to exile to India. Although claims to be the “Dharma King”, “the manifestation of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara”, the Dalai Lama does not even have any power to match up with one of the bodhisattvas under Buddha Sakyamuni to teach and guide all sentient beings, not to mention to achieve the state of “ten titles of Buddha.” How could he make anybody a Buddha? In addition, Buddha Sakyamuni who manifested in ancient India over 2,000 years ago was so much adored and depended on by all the kings. Not like the Dalai Lama who had to flee from home in panic and confusion.

Let’s put aside the state of becoming Buddha, and return to the prerequisite of practicing Tibetan Tantra as deemed by the lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, headed by Tsongkhapa and the Dalai; a practitioner is required to complete the steps in the teachings of Exoteric Buddhism before he proceeds to study and practice Tibetan Tantra. If this is the case, let’s examine their practices in accordance with their own commentary. After ten years of survey, clearly the lamas have not gained the slightest hint of practice or realization in regard to the teachings of Exoteric Buddhism. In truth, none of these individuals, from the Dalai to the dharma-kings of the three dominant Schools, and down to every lama, guru, and Geshe, have obtained the simplest cultivation of eliminating the three fetters of First Fruit sound-hearer. In other words, none of these individuals have eliminated their self-view thus far. They all insist that the consciousness is permanent, which is indicative of a perspective fallen into the vijnana-skandha, and ultimately points to the fact that they have not eliminated their body-view. In this fashion, they also fall into the self-belongings of vijnana-skandha (the lustful pleasure of the tactile object and mental object that generated from the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness). As a result, they do not possess the wisdom of the First Fruit sound-hearer, which arises from elimination of the body-view, not to mention the wisdom of the Seventh-Stay bodhisattva, which arises from the enlightenment of the true mind and excels over that of the arhats. It is obvious that the Dalai and all others who follow his path are undoubtedly unable to gain the above wisdom. As such, from the Dalai and down to all the lower lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, the eighth vijnana realized by the enlightened bodhisattva is not recognized by them; the same goes with the existence of the dharma-realm reality associated with the eighth vijnana. Lamentably for them, the dharma-realm reality which has been realized by the bodhisattva is exactly the eighth vijnana and none other than the Tathagatagarbha. This plainly reveals that the Dalai and all other lamas have certainly not reached the true enlightened mind. They have yet to obtain the enlightened fruit aspect of the sage stage within the Mahayana’s Buddhahood-Way, let alone the fruit aspect of Near Paramita of the First Ground and that of Great Paramita of the Eighth Ground and above. These so-called Tibetan Buddhism dharma-kings, without possessing the simplest wisdom of eliminating the three fetters of the First Fruit sound-hearer, dare to proclaim that they have already gained the knowledge of orthodox dharma (Exoteric Buddhism) before initiating the practice of Tibetan Tantra. To make matters even worse, they boldly deceive the public by claiming that those with their empowerment can reach Buddhahood after seven lifetimes. Should a reasonably wise person believe in their lies and waste money on expanding their cause? If you possess significant means of wealth, we implore you to donate your money to charities in which you certainly will be compensated in future lives. By all means, please do not offer a single penny to the Dalai, in doing so, you are simply placing good intentions to wasting. The Dalai will invest your contribution to support his political activities and institution of teachings that can ultimately arouse public indignation as violating people’s wives and daughters. If you were to offer him $500 US dollars, then you would inevitably have to share his retributions in the future. We hope everybody can see through the Dalai’s non-Buddhist disposition, and acknowledge that he has not obtained realization of any form in relation to Buddha dharma whatsoever. Please do not be fooled by the misleading and exaggerated titles as the “dharma-king” and “living buddha” that are a part of the fictitious semantics associated with the Tibetan version of Buddhism. All this is the typical hype surrounding Tibetan Buddhism, which has been exploiting society for more than a thousand years.

With regard to the preaching of couple-practice copulation and the doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism, which was led by the Dalai, head of the Gelug Sect, and Kalu Rinpoche, head of the Kagyu Sect, Xiong Jun, Executive Secretary of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, indicates that our attitude is not meant to be contemptuous. However we do frown upon the shady lamas, waving the banners of Buddhism to disguise their wicked and lustful Couple-Practice Tantra as the Buddha dharma, while at the same time fraudulently collecting money and sexually abusing Taiwanese women where even little girls are not spared. Anyone with a sensible conscience will definitely not accept such behaviors. We do believe the US, acting as world police for maintaining and safeguarding human justice, should resort to the law enforcement to prosecute against these religious crooks as well, because Tibetan Buddhism is indeed a counterfeit of Orthodox Buddhism. Essentially, Tibetan Buddhism is a non-Buddhist religion that wears the façade of Buddhism. Its contents entirely consist of pseudo Buddhism, which dons a mask of disguise from the very beginning to fool the public. The lamas take advantages of religious freedom by collecting money through fraud and committing acts of abusing women in society. All of these aspects seriously violate the spirit of personal rights and intellectual well being, which abides to the spirit of American society. Base on this reason, the American should be concerned with these matters. The core doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism demands that the lamas need to copulate with female followers every night in order to attain the state of the whole-body lustful bliss. In this way, the lamas will never be able to obtain the lowest stage of the First Fruit sound-hearer in Buddhism, let alone realize the other attainments of the Mahayana fruition.

As for the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness of the Highest Yoga Tantra ( Anuttara-Yoga-Tantra), its purpose is to engage in sexual intercourse with other people’s wives or daughters. That is the fundamental doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism. This fact will never change; hence the Dalai Lama and all the lamas have no intention of changing their ways of practice and have continued to teach the Highest Yoga Tantra to their followers. This is exactly the perennial doctrine of Couple-Practice Tantra that presides over the Abhisheka (empowerment) of the “Kalachakra Tantra.” Therefore, worldwide sexual assaults on women by the lamas of Tibetan Buddhism are by no means casual individual events, or personal morality problems. It derives from the doctrine, of which the Tibetan Tantric practitioners are most pretentious of, this claims that their methods can enable a faster route to becoming a “Buddha,” and this leads to lamas’ constantly propounding the superiority of this method over Orthodox Buddhism. Although generally Tantric female followers are unwilling to disclose the truth after being seduced into adultery or sexual abuse, in reality there are numerous unreported events of female victims. Those have been exposed are only a small fraction of the couple-practice of copulation that goes on within the Tibetan Buddhist community, namely “a tip of the iceberg.”

In the end, Xiong Jun further quotes that from the public article by the Dalai Lama on the internet, the contents of “Whoever has received this empowerment and has every intention to practice will definitely attain buddhahood within seven lifetimes, regardless of whether he actually practices,”is absolutely fallacious. These are the consequence of the comments made by the Dalai regarding Couple-Practice Tantra and reaching Buddhahood in just one lifetime, which are based on the couple-practice of copulation of the “Kalachakra Tantra.” Without doubt, these are merely lies used to enshroud the public and are illogical and implausible in the eyes of any person of reason. In his articles, the Dalai emphasizes that all are derived from the “Kalachakra Tantra.” Nevertheless, based on the wisdom of professional research, we can conclude that the “Kalachakra Tantra” is entirely a forged volume by the non-Buddhist. In ancient India, the Tantric (Tantrism, Tantra) thought was highly prominent and infiltrated Buddhism during an era where the presence of Buddhism was slowly fading and the result was a non-Buddhist practice of Tantrism derived from Hinduism. The forged volume only appeared then. Moreover, its contents consist of devious lustful instructions which are the roots for the couple-practice of copulation. This volume and its contents are entirely irrelevant to the pure and supreme Buddha canons which have been passed down by Buddha Sakyamuni. Furthermore, it violates the Three-Vehicle Bodhi doctrines taught by Buddha Sakyamuni. If one invests effort to practice the Kalachakra Tantra, the more he endeavors, the more he will be drifted away from the true enlightenment of the Buddha dharma. Only those who wish to indulge in the lustful pleasure and crave the state of the desire-realm will enshrine the volume as a “holy scripture.”( Reported by You Shuqing ) 2011

Editor’s Note:

1. This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on March 2, 2011.

2. The statement
“Whoever has received this empowerment and has every intention to practice will definitely attain buddhahood within seven lifetimes, regardless of whether he actually practices.”
was quoted from the Dalai Lama’s Chinese website.

Tibetan Buddhism sexually violates others’ wives and daughters, and is not Buddhism. | TrueHeartNews | Tibetan Buddhism is Lamaism, and is definitely not Buddhism.

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