A TEEF 1008 Response to the Ministry of Education's Opposition of the Unveiling of Truth about Tibetan Tantrism

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A TEEF 1008 Response to the Ministry of Education's Opposition of the Unveiling of Truth about Tibetan Tantrism


A Letter from True Enlightenment Education Foundation


Foundation Code: 763

Address: 10F, No.267, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan

Fax: 02-25954493

Contact Person: Administration Section 02-25956092 (Volunteers are available to answer calls at weekdays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.)


Attn: Ministry of Education


Date of Issue: 9 April, 2012

Ref. Number: TEEF 10101008

Priority: Highest

Confidentiality and Classification: Normal


(1) Criminal case file

(2) Notification from the Criminal Division of Taipei District Court, Taiwan

(3) Replies to the defamatory articles “Tibetans’ refutation on Pings Xiao’s slandering attack on Tibetan Buddhism” 1~5

(4) The True Enlightenment Education Foundation’s (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) open rebuttal to Tibetan Buddhism’s slandering attack against the Foundation

(5) Ten pages of health warning texts and graphic pictures on cigarette packages of different countries

(6) A pamphlet of “Exposing the Series of Lies Made by Spokesman of the Tibet Religious Foundation of H.H. the Dalai Lama”

(7) Analysis of questionnaires on the “Opinions and Views of the Social Education Campaign Displayed by the Foundation on the Outer Walls of Its Building”

Subject: The Foundation has been acting in accordance with its mission statement, which is to foster social wellbeing through actively promoting social education as well as maintaining social ethics and morals. The Foundation always duly observes laws, regulations, and its existing contribution rules. In spite of this, Your Esteemed Ministry (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) has been sending letters to the Foundation, interfering, discrediting, and suppressing its benevolent efforts in promoting social education and wellbeing. The Foundation hereby requests the Ministry to respond to the following inquiries:

Does the Ministry support a vicious and depraved religious organization that has been continuously undermining social decency?

Does the Ministry intend to protect the freedom of an evil cult to promote itself?

Does the Ministry intend to ignore and act against the right of the public to know the truth?


1. Reply to the Ministry’s letters of Tai She (four) Ref. No. 0990221507, Ref. No. 0990226273, Ref. No. 0990924637, Ref. No. 1000012503, Ref. No. 1000017280, Ref. No. 1000070513, Ref. No. 1000075742, Ref. No. 1000090294, Ref. No. 1000148256, Ref. No. 1000210511, Ref. No. 1000212385, Ref. No. 1010025235B, and Ref. No. 1010015216A.

2. The letter of 17 January 2011, Ref. No. (100) TEEF 100002, which states that the Foundation has complied with the Ministry’s advice and revised the texts on the signs displayed on the outer walls of its building, must have been received by the Ministry. On 5 May 2011, the Chairman of the Foundation submitted to the Ministry in person the following publications that attested to the cult nature of Tibetan Buddhism: The True Face of the Dalai Lama, Behind the Façade of Tibetan Buddhism, A Fair Commentary on the Great Exposition of Tantra, the pamphlet entitled “The Lama’s Highest Yoga Tantra is to Have Sex with Female Followers,” Exposing the Inside Story of Tibetan Tantra, along with the book A Survey of the Paths of Tibetan Buddhism published by The Dalai Lama Foundation. The Foundation further mailed to the Ministry copies of news articles as well as relevant media coverage regarding sexual assaults committed by lamas, which were delivered to the Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government by letter Ref. No. (100) TEEF100005, on 14 May, 2011. Moreover, the Foundation has regularly contacted administrator Mr. Zhan to express and explain our good-faith effort in social education. Once again, the Foundation would like to emphasize that its research findings on Buddhism and philosophy are profound, extensive, and irrefutable. In order to fully contribute back to society, the Foundation is dedicated to educating the public with its research findings on the evil essence of Tibetan Buddhism.


The Foundation comprises many honorable community members, including scholars, lawyers, college professors, teachers, and public servants. The research results on Buddhism and philosophy attained by its members are unchallengeable and irrefutable by contemporary scholarly communities of Buddhism and philosophy.


The Foundation has always acted in accordance with laws and regulations. All pamphlets and booklets issued have been reviewed by its legal advisors to ensure compliance with legal codes as well as the Foundation’s mission statement before their distribution or circulation.


The enclosure of the Ministry’s official letter, Ref. No. Tai She (four) 1010025235B, on 6 March, 2012, is an anonymous complaint letter after the Ministry concealed its original sender; the complaint letter was presumably composed by either the Sino-Tibetan Friendship Association or Tibetan Welfare Association. It falsely accuses the Foundation, its affiliated associations, and individuals of indecency and obscenity by quoting them out of context. Such unjustified accusation has constituted a serious case of aggravated defamation.


The Foundation is cordially requesting the Ministry to provide the original copy of the aforementioned document, or a copy of the original document in which the writer’s name has not been concealed, so that the Foundation can file a complaint with the local court, elucidate the truth in court, and inform the public of the details. In addition, the Foundation is sincerely pleading with the Ministry to exercise sound judgment rather than mistake the facts and render the Ministry an accomplice.

3. The Foundation is perplexed by the letter from the Ministry, Ref. No. Tai She (four) 1010025235B, which requests the Foundation to clarify its source of funding. The Foundation’s funding comes as donations from the board of directors, its members, and individuals who identify with its good deeds and values. A receipt has been issued to each and every donation in accordance with the law. In addition, since its establishment, the Foundation has been audited annually by Certified Public Accountant. All documentation have been prepared according to the “Guidelines for Financial Handling of Educational Institution” prior to its submission to the Ministry’s review.


Never has the Foundation received any official financial supports from the Taiwan government or government of any other countries. Its personnel have never been on a payroll, nor have they ever received salaries, reimbursement for transportation cost, or any other types of payments, as they are all volunteers who offer their service free of charge. Owing to the generous contributions from its members who are mostly individuals of average income, the Foundation is able to educate the general public to stay away from the unlawful and unethical cult, and its potential harm caused by group sex, incest, as well as sexual abuses.


The Foundation annually submits detailed financial documentation and audit reports by Certified Public Accountant to the Ministry for review and reference and has duly received confirmation from the Ministry for all its submissions. On what ground is the Ministry questioning the Foundation’s actual sources of funding? Has the Ministry overlooked the paperwork that the Foundation has submitted due to heavy workload?


Besides, attachment enclosed in the letter sent from the Ministry is unclear and incomplete. Please kindly furnish with complete detailed information to substantiate the grounds of your inquiries, and demonstrate that the cause for this letter is not fabricated by the Ministry or an informant.


Had there been an informant, the Ministry is obliged to inform the Foundation of the identity of the informant as well as the details of the accusation in order for the Foundation to make corrections accordingly. However, in the case that the accusation is ungrounded or based on fabrication, the Foundation has the right to file a defamation lawsuit against the defamer - be it an organization or an individual - to clarify the truth and hold the defamer responsible for its wrongdoing.


Furthermore, please find herewith enclosed documents in proceedings for your reference: the Foundation’s criminal case paper, court hearing notice, and open replies to the defamatory articles “Tibetans’ refutation on Pings Xiao’s slandering attack on Tibetan Buddhism” 1-5 posted on our official website; all these materials have been filed with the Court of Appeals with regard to the false accusations fabricated by a malicious Tibetan Buddhist organization.


4. Letters sent by the Ministry, Ref. No. Tai She (four) 1000090294 of 2 June 2011, Ref. No. Tai She (four) 1000075742 of 12 May 2011, Ref. No. Tai She (four) 1000070513 of 9 May 2011, and Ref. No. Tai She (four) 1010015216A of 7 March 2012, all censured the Foundation for the LED sign displayed on the outer wall of its high-rise office building.


The Chairman of the Foundation had briefed in person the officials of the Department of Social Education of the Ministry on 5 May. In addition, the person in charge of this issue also explained over the phone to Mr. Zhan, the administrator who handled this matter. Lastly, the Foundation submitted its reply letter, Ref. no. (100) TEEF 100010 on 16 June, 2011 to Taipei Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs and copied to the Ministry. The reply letter stated the fact that “the LED sign displayed on the outer wall of the office building near Yuan Shan MRT station does not belong to nor was put up by the Foundation.”


Why did the Ministry send another letter to inquire on this matter anew? Why does the Ministry waste its time and resources on accusing the wrong party and sending pointless letters instead of focusing on worthwhile duties?



5. The Ministry made the following statements in all letters: “The Foundation should clarify its role and functions, and its activities should be strictly in compliance with the law. Any attack on the reputation of any individuals or organizations should be avoided, so as not to infringe on others’ rights. When carrying out promotional activities, the Foundation should abide by the guidance detailed in the relevant official letters from this Ministry, educate the public yet respect religious freedom, and take caution in publishing these materials that might offend citizens and make school children feel uncomfortable.”

The Foundation hereby provides its replies:

1. All the Foundation’s efforts are to promote social welfare and education as well as to enhance people’s understanding of Buddhism and philosophy. It has not acted in any way inconsistent to its mission statement, nor has it violated any laws and regulations.


The Foundation has attained remarkable achievements in its academic research of the inner insight philosophy and the fundamental tenets of Tibetan “Buddhism.” Because of its profound understanding of the essence of Tibetan “Buddhism,” the Foundation has been trying to protect the public from being deceived by this fake Buddhism and expose the lustful nature of its doctrines.

The Foundation aims at educating the general public to recognize the fact that Tibetan “Buddhism” is counterfeit Buddhism and an evil cult, as well as protecting the ill-informed public from being sexually assaulted by lamas who would beguile or force females into practicing the sexual Tantra. Moreover, the Foundation has been trying to prevent Taiwanese men from being cuckolded unknowingly and women from suffering emotional distress after being sexually abused by lamas.


The Foundation’s focus is to assist the law enforcement agencies and the Ministry to create a social environment that is conducive to harmonious family lives and proper personality development for our younger generation. The Foundation has been very thoughtful in its actions.


In order to make the public fully aware of the fact that Tibetan “Buddhism” is fake Buddhism, and that lamas are not Buddhist monks, so that the public will be vigilant toward Tibetan “Buddhism” and will cautiously review all the obscene doctrines propagated by lamas, the Foundation has provided dozens of documents for the Ministry to verify.


The following is an excerpt from one of the records:

In the latter stage of the third empowerment, which is transmitted to enable the disciple to expound the sutras, the teacher and the nine female consorts, aged from 12 to 20, attain the state all together. [ Namely, the lama teacher, the so-called “living Buddha,” needs to copulate with all nine sexual partners one by one; those sexual partners are called female consorts, aged from 12 to 20. They achieve the orgasm of the fourth joy all together and contemplate the Union of Bliss and Emptiness; then, the lama teacher ejaculates the semen into the vagina of each female consort and collects all the fluid mixtures in a skull cup.] The vajra [Tibetan Buddhism names this sexual fluid vajra bodhicitta, a term stolen from Buddhism.] which possesses the seeds [The red and white bodhi, which is the sexual fluid mixture obtained from the guru and the nine female consorts, contains the seeds of both sexes] is put into the mouth of his disciple; the empowerment is thus performed. In the former stage of the third empowerment, the teacher and a female consort [In the former stage of the third empowerment the lama has sex with one female consort.] receive the wondrous joy together; then, in the latter stage, the teacher attains the state together with the nine female consorts. [“The state” refers to the state of sexual orgasm.] The wondrous joys arise from all of them. [Namely, the lama has sex with each of the nine female consorts one by one and ejaculates semen; the mixture of the semen and the sexual fluids obtained from the nine female consorts is called nectar, which is used for the empowerment of the disciples.] (Tsongkhapa, The Great Exposition of Tantras)


The above citation evidences that Tibetan pseudo-Buddhism operates under the guise of Buddhism and violates proper social ethics and morals as well as the civil and criminal laws of Taiwan. Its doctrines and practices do not meet the criteria to be protected by the freedom of religion provision under the constitution of Taiwan.


Furthermore, the so-called exoteric Buddhist practice and realization taught in The Great Exposition of Tantras of Tibetan “Buddhism” is to realize the conscious mind advocated by the non-Buddhists with eternalism, instead of the eighth vijnana, Tathagatagarbha, described in the Buddhist sutras. This indicates clearly that Tibetan “Buddhism” is a counterfeit Buddhism in essence. The spread of Tibetan “Buddhism” has seriously misguided eminent Buddhist masters and vast majority of Buddhist followers. The fact that it has been propagating the doctrines of eternalism in the name of Buddhism has essentially exploited and undermined Buddhism.


In the future, any counterfeiting of Christianity, Taoism, etc. shall also be regarded as religious fraud and unjust deed to deceive the general public. Such wrongdoings are subject to exposure to prevent the public from falling prey to the counterfeit religion. This is also the social education that must be done and has been done by the Foundation; it would run counter to its mission statement had it failed to act.


Through a comprehensive survey of its doctrines and practices, the Foundation can conclude that Tibetan “Buddhism” has always counterfeited other religions since its inception. Its doctrines and practices have nothing to do with Buddhism at all. Thus, it has acted against the law from the very start.


On top of that, Tibetan Buddhist doctrines openly encourage lamas and adherents to commit incest and to sexually assault young girls. This not only traumatizes the children and youngsters but also violates the Youth Welfare Law.


The Foundation has taken up social responsibility and made every effort to expose its crimes. By doing so, the Foundation shares the responsibility of educating the society with the Ministry. Specifically, the Foundation has been trying to educate the public about the true meaning of the terminology of this fake “Buddhism,” such as the “Couple-Practice,” “Vajra,” “Water-Empowerment” and “Vase-Empowerment,” so that people can prevent their family members from practicing the “Couple Practice Tantra,” accepting “seminal fluid” from the guru’s “Vajra-penis,” or becoming a “vase” for compulsory “ Cleaning Empowerment.”


The Ministry bears responsibility of enhancing social traditions and cultures. The Foundation has been supporting the Ministry by educating the public and protecting the Ministry from possible reproach in the future by the mass media for inadequate involvement in its duty. While such supporting work ought to be encouraged by the Ministry, how is it that the Ministry would run counter to its own mandate and request the Foundation to discontinue its highly virtuous efforts?


2. As an educational foundation, the Foundation is obligated to cultivate the general public’s democratic consciousness and educate them on the correct concepts of law and order. To prevent the general public from further deception by Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and to protect Taiwan, our precious homeland, from the degradation of sexual misconduct, incest, sexual abuse of children and the destruction of families, the Foundation must make it known to the innocent public that under the guise of orthodox Buddhism, lamas don monastic robes and engage in illicit and adulterous sexual practices. Tibetan Tantric Buddhism deceives the public by claiming that the Tantric sexual practice is the highest dharma which can enable practitioners to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime, while in fact such practice has nothing to do with the Buddha dharma. The Foundation has been assisting the Ministry in social education by promoting patriotism and care for our native land, as well as enhancing the general public’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.


The Ministry is the highest educational authority of Taiwan and therefore ought to be aware of the extent of social devastation that was brought about by this adulterous evil cult promoting promiscuous sex with other people’s wives and daughters during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of China. For instance, the History of the Yuan Dynasty documented numerous accounts of how this evil cult had ruthlessly oppressed the lives of commoners and brought about the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty.


Let’s take a look at one such account from the History of Yuan Dynasty:

To please Emperor Shun of the Yuan Dynasty, Ha Ma, a foreign monk who was the Secretary of Xuan Zheng Yuan, introduced a western barbarian monk to entice the Emperor into engaging in the secretive Tantric sex practice. Due to this, Ha Ma’s brother-in-law came into favor with the Emperor and after that, the royal court became a place where the Emperor indulged in lascivious sexual acts all day long together with his ministers and courtiers. This still did not satiate Emperor Shun and he even engaged in family group sex, sleeping naked and under one cover with family members and others. Many women were brought into the royal court for sexual entertainment.

Historians of all periods agree that the lustful, adulterous doctrine of Lamaism was one of the primary causes of the downfall of the Yuan Dynasty.

Nurhachi, the founding father of the Qing Dynasty once stated, “You Mongolian lords, you abandoned your language and titles, adopted the practices of lamas, and, in the end, brought your country to demise.” Hong Taiji, the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty said: “Lamas speak deceitful words. Under the guise of making offerings to the Buddha and keeping Buddhist precepts, they secretively indulge in wicked and lascivious acts, greedily hoarding possessions, engaged in treason and committed crimes.


The Ministry should be familiar with these historical facts, and therefore should promptly take the initiative to demand relevant departments to rectify this issue through social education in order to prevent further depravation of Taiwanese society due to the propagation of this counterfeit Buddhism. However, the Ministry not only has not taken actions to push forward this kind of education to protect the general public and safeguard social customs and decency, rather, the Ministry has acted on the wrong side of justice and repeatedly obstruct the Foundation’s righteous efforts. It is indeed inappropriate!


3. The pamphlets distributed by the Foundation’s volunteers have been reviewed by a number of legal consultants prior to their release. They do not contain any contents in violation of laws and regulations and are protected by the freedom of speech provision of the constitution of R.O.C. The Foundation finds it difficult to understand why the Ministry has not comprehended the facts and chooses to believe the vilifier’s dubious charges against the Foundation. The Ministry has accused the Foundation without even specifying which particular clause of the law or regulation the Foundation has violated. The Foundation hereby cordially requests the Ministry to clearly specify the clause of the law the Foundation is violating. The Foundation hereby resubmits its open rebuttal to Tibetan Buddhism’s slandering attack against the Foundation (Attachment 4) for your respectful attention, such that the judgment of the Ministry shall not be clouded by fabricated public opinion submitted by a few foreigners.


4. The Ministry has repeatedly requested the Foundation “any attack on the reputation of individuals or organizations should be avoided, so as not to infringe upon the rights of others.” However, there is a Western ideology expressed by the philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, “Correct knowledge is power.” The Foundation has merely brought to light testimonies of illicit sexual acts with other people’s wives and daughters committed by Tibetan Tantric lamas, who claim that this is Buddhist practice. These are pure facts with no exaggeration. The Foundation’s intention is to help the public clearly recognize that Tibetan “Buddhism” is a wicked cult so that people will know to protect themselves and their family members. Behind the beautiful lies of “Highest Yoga Tantra” and “attaining Buddhahood in a lifetime” in Tibetan Tantrism, are the hidden secrets of the sexual tantra practice, the devastating results of which are young girls losing their chastity, families being broken, and children growing up unprotected by parents. The Foundation is simply disclosing the truth to educate the public. This act has nothing to do with “attacking” or “infringing upon the rights of others.” On the contrary, the Foundation is trying to protect the rights of others and to safeguard the integrity of women and families in Taiwan.


Whatever stated in the Ministry’s official documents should be regarded as legitimate. Irrational, illegitimate statements would not be issued by a Ministry of Education because contemporary social critics and future historians inevitably will make public evaluations of them. If the act of revealing the truth and speaking out to uphold justice is equivalent to “attacking,” and equal to “infringing upon the rights of others,” in like manner, if we used the Ministry’s logic, both the Ministry and Department of Health of the Executive Yuan would be infringing upon the rights and attacking all tobacco companies, and this situation should be rectified as well. The Department of Health of the Executive Yuan, as in many countries around the world, requires warning signs on cigarette packages in order to guard their national public health. (Attachment 5)


If we applied the logic laid out in the Ministry’s letter, would it not be true that the Executive Yuan of Taiwan and the government of every country in the world have “attacked” the reputation of tobacco companies including the Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as TTL)? Have the rights and privileges of the tobacco companies and the TTL been “infringed” upon and “undermined”? The textbooks of health and physical education for primary and elementary schools, being publications subject to the Ministry’s approval, earnestly educate about the harmful effect of smoking, with wording such as “Cigarettes: they are selling you a pack of lies,” “Say No to smoking,” and “Say No to passive smoking.” Have the Ministry and the authorized publishers jointly “attacked” the reputation of the tobacco companies and the TTL, as well as “infringed” upon and “undermined” their rights and privileges respectively?


Moreover, have all the teachers in Taiwan who are under the authority of the Ministry and obey the decrees from the Ministry also colluded with the Ministry in “attacking” the reputation of and “infringing” on the rights and privileges of the tobacco companies, the TTLC, and all tobacco dealers and beneficiaries of the tobacco industry? Or, does the Ministry simply object to the right of the public to know the truth? In light of the fact that Tibetan fake Buddhism counterfeits orthodox Buddhism, defrauds believers, beguiles female followers into sexual misconduct, undermines family lives and results in adolescents and children suffering - would the Ministry please elucidate per se which ordinance the Foundation has breached by righteously exposing the truth and protecting our society?



6. The Foundation has totally disregarded its own image and interests in trying to protect the rights and well-being of the public and preserve social justice. The Foundation is not afraid of the Tibetan Tantric calumniators who are hiding in the dark. They are incapable of even confronting the questions raised by the Foundation regarding their evil doctrines and sexual misconduct, let alone apply the doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism” to defend themselves in writing at the academic and philosophical levels. Such false accusers dare not confront the Foundation with regular legal recourse. Rather, they employ a shameless, contemptible old trick of falsely accusing the Foundation of being in liaison with China to defame the Foundation and its affiliated individuals.


Meanwhile, using contrived public opinion, they constantly pressure the central and local administrative authorities to suppress the work of the Foundation, wasting the resources and manpower of the national executive and judicial branches. They have also spread slandering attacks via the internet, hurting the Foundation’s reputation and undermining its practitioners and volunteers’ rights and interests. This is exactly the case of the guilty suing the innocent! The Foundation sincerely hopes that the Ministry will have the wisdom to not believe this slander any more. Based on the information provided by the Ministry, the Foundation will immediately take legal actions against such fraudulent organizations to ensure the public is justly informed of the truth.


In its letter of Ref. No. Tai She (four) 0990221507, the Ministry adopts the unfounded, false accusations composed by the calumniators, suggesting that the Ministry endorses these accusations. The Foundation herein cordially inquires whether or not the Ministry is deliberately supporting this evil cult? The letter states: “It is inappropriate for a religion to remark on other religion’s doctrines, rituals … as well as to make generalization and engage in name-calling, so as to avoid defamation. It is inappropriate to interfere with another religion while promoting one’s own religion.…” These statements are entirely incongruent with the facts and lack impartiality and justice. In fact, the Foundation clearly points out to the public about the tenets of an evil cult that seriously violate the laws and social norms of this country.


It is ludicrous that the Ministry has turned a blind eye to this issue and made accusations against the Foundation instead. In addition, the Ministry convened a meeting on 10 February entitled, “Discussion on the actions of the Foundation of spreading unfavorable information about Tibetan Buddhism through the mass media and the measures that will be taken by the Ministry.” The very title of this meeting has vilified the Foundation’s open and honorable activities of social education as “actions of spreading unfavorable information about Tibetan Buddhism.”


On top of that, the Ministry did not notify the Foundation thus depriving the Foundation of the opportunity to provide explanation for its work, nor did the Ministry voluntarily inform the Foundation about the meeting’s contents beforehand or afterward. However, in a one-sided move, the Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association, the very organization that has defamed the Foundation, was well informed by the Ministry. May the Foundation request the Ministry to provide answers to the following questions: Does the Ministry support the propagation of the evil cult that the Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association supports? Has the Ministry acted in compliance with the administrative protocol and the mandate of the Ministry?



7. The Foundation has acted in accordance with its founding mission of social education and in compliance with Article 10, paragraph 6 of the Additional Revised Articles of the Constitution, which states: “To safeguard females’ dignity, ensure females’ personal security, eliminate gender discrimination, and promote substantive gender equality.”


The Foundation therefore is dedicated to preventing female members of our society from becoming sex slaves of lamas out of ignorance and revealing that the mysterious phenomena of Tibetan “Buddhism” is nothing but a perennial fraud, such that Tibetan “Buddhism” can no longer hide its clandestine female-degrading and adulterous doctrines from the public.


The Foundation is indeed the guardian and practitioner of social justice and morals: the Foundation upholds morality, safeguards the right values, reforms the erroneous understanding of Lamaism, advocates a harmonious society, provides social educational through all its volunteers, as well as expands and revamps social education in ways that the Ministry and other relevant governmental agencies should have already implemented. The Ministry should have highly commended such efforts instead of suppressing them.


Moreover, in addition to promoting social education, the Foundation also devotes itself to various philanthropic works and supports the policies of the Ministry. For instance, the Foundation and its affiliated organizations immediately responded to the Ministry’s call for disaster-relief fundraising in 2009, right after the devastating Morakot Typhoon, and donated directly to the Ministry NT$7,025,000 in August that year for the reconstruction of the typhoon-stricken schools.


According to the public announcement issued by the Department of General Affairs of the Ministry, the Foundation was the top donor (with the second donor donated three million NT dollars) and was subsequently rewarded with a Silver Award for group contribution by the Ministry in December that year.


In July, 2011, the Foundation supported the Ministry’s policy of “Everyone works hand-in-hand: Leave no children out of schools” by making another donation of NT$ 500,000.


The Foundation’s other charitable deeds, include a donation of more than NT$300,000 annually as the grant-in-aid to all the elementary and middle schools of Daxi Township which are too many to be listed here.


While the Ministry has never commended the Foundation for its achievement in charitable work, the Ministry has offered substantial support to an evil cult that cloaks itself in another religion, condones sexual misconduct, beguiles female adherents and rapes them. For the followers of Tibetan “Buddhism,” the results are broken families, and children growing up unprotected by parents. As the Ministry informed the Foundation by mail the prohibition against educating the public about the truth, evidently, the Ministry intends to suppress the righteous works of the Foundation because it believes the fabricated public opinion of an organization which promotes social indecency. Is it an appropriate deed for a Ministry that shoulders the responsibility of public education?



8. The “Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association,” the “Taiwan Friends of Tibet organization,” and the “Tibet Religious Foundation of H. H. the Dalai Lama” have brought up fallacious accusations against the Foundation by deliberately twisting and making out-of-context interpretations of the Foundation’s writings. Such charges were made with the intention to support an evil cult (Attachment 6: the pamphlet of “Exposing the series of lies made by the spokesman of the Tibet Religious Foundation of H. H. the Dalai Lama”). They do not represent the voice of all fellow Tibetans, and more so, not of all ethnic Tibetans.


The Foundation has never discriminated against nor humiliated the Tibetan people or the Tibetan ethnic group. It has conducted in-depth research on Tibetan culture. Based on this, the Foundation has published dozens of various titles, and millions of books have been distributed, reaching as far as Europe and America. The Foundation regards the Tibetan region, its people, as well as our Tibetan friends with deep respect and geniality. As well, the Foundation rejoices in the abolishment of feudal serfdom established by Lamaism - the abolishment of which allowed Tibet to develop its economy, and allowed the people their independence and control over their own destiny. How could anyone possibly accuse the Foundation of discriminating against or humiliating Tibetans?


The Foundation has also conducted in-depth research into the doctrines of Tibetan “Buddhism,” which has been employed to enslave the Tibetan people for hundreds of years. With its research findings, the Foundation would like to remind the public that Tibetan “Buddhism” is not Buddhism, it deceives people that practitioners can attain Buddhahood in one lifetime through practicing their sexual Tantra, and this illicit, adulterous evil cult should be avoided. The Foundation has acted out of sympathy toward the Tibetan people and found it fortunate that they will no longer be deceived by lamas who practice this counterfeit Buddhism. For the sake of the Tibetans as well as the Taiwanese women and families, the Foundation has no choice but to courageously step out and expose how this counterfeit Buddhism has preyed upon people for over a thousand years.


Moreover, the Foundation’s many queries regarding Tibetan Buddhism’s adulterous doctrines do not fall within the scope of paragraph 1, Article 62 of the Immigration Act. On the contrary, those who have accused the Foundation with fabricated materials have indeed violated paragraph 1, Article 62 of the Immigration Act and therefore deserve to be denounced by the Ministry. Instead of going after the guilty, how could the Ministry turn around and accuse the innocent?


Furthermore, rather than what the Ministry’s informant has suggested, all the Foundation’s statements are indisputable facts, not fabrications. On what grounds could the Ministry suspect the Foundation of “slandering”?


In like manner, using the Ministry’s logic, if the Ministry were to reveal the truth about the evildoers based on indisputable facts, would this then constitute “slandering” by the Ministry?


Along the same line, based on the contents of the Ministry approved health and physical education textbooks for middle and elementary school students, would the Ministry have committed “slandering” toward the many tobacco companies and TTL? Has the Ministry “spread unfavorable messages against the tobacco industry and companies using public education as a medium”? Should the Ministry be suspected of accusing the Executive Yuan of “spreading unfavorable messages against the tobacco industry and companies using public mass media as a medium”?


For instance, the middle school textbook Middle School Health and Physical Education 1st Semester 2nd Year published by Kang Hsuan Educational Group, a publisher approved by the Ministry, contains passages that educate students to “discourage families and friends from smoking as well as request the smokers to leave public area.” Given this wording, has the Ministry not “repeatedly spread messages that slander, humiliate and discriminate against all smokers”?


And since it was the members of the Legislative Yuan who passed the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, should the Ministry not be suspected of accusing members of the Legislative Yuan of “abusing their legislative authorities to discriminate against and humiliate smokers”?


For the aforementioned reasons, the Foundation finds it unacceptable that the Ministry is requesting the Foundation to make amends for its impropriety before carrying out proper investigation to verify the facts. There is simply no impropriety to be amended. In fact, the Foundation’s righteous efforts deserve the Ministry’s commendation. It is the Ministry that has been wrongfully accusing the innocent.



9. The freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution does not include the freedom for evil cults such as Tibetan Tantrism to violate social ethics and decency, undermine public welfare and social order, counterfeit another religion, erode family integrity, or propagate the practice of incestuous or promiscuous group sex. Supervisors of the Ministry are neither ignorant nor ill-informed and therefore should be well aware of both the spirit as well as the limitations of the freedom of religion provision.


The Ministry has repeatedly accused the Foundation of distributing pamphlets with obscene, repulsive, and indecent content. However, the source of this content is Tibetan “Buddhism” itself, which regards this material not as vulgar but as extremely refined material concerning the attainment of Buddhahood. Why is the Ministry covering up for Tibetan “Buddhism” and deems these materials as indecent in order to suppress the Foundation from educating the public? Materials distributed by the Foundation have never violated any laws and regulations, and hitherto no law enforcement agencies who have received a copy of our materials has banned the distribution based on violation of criminal laws or social order.


As a matter of fact, the Foundation has given much thought when it comes to the distribution of these pamphlets! Just like the warning texts and graphic pictures displayed on various countries’ cigarette packages to make people feel uncomfortable and remind them of the health consequence of cigarette smoking (Attachment 5); likewise, out of compassion, the Foundation is exposing Tibetan fake Buddhism’s sexual Tantra practices, which undermine social ethics and morals and family integrity. While it has received much applause and praises from the public for its efforts, the Foundation received letters from the Ministry which advised it “to avoid offending the general public and making school children feel uncomfortable.”


By the same token, wouldn’t the Executive Yuan and governments all over the world also be offending their citizens and making school children uncomfortable by displaying displeasing warning signs on cigarette packages as well as posters at various public and educational institutions to prevent and control tobacco hazards?


As for the sign “To avoid religious sexual abuse, please stay away from Tibetan lamas” displayed on the outer wall of the Foundation’s building, Professor Ma Yu-Feng at St. John's University has conducted an academic research about the perception of it through questionnaires. The Foundation hereby submits the result of this commissioned survey to the Ministry (Attachment 7: Analysis of the questionnaires on the “Opinions and Views of the Social Education Campaign Displayed by the Foundation on the Outer Walls of its Building”). 


The result of the analysis indicates that these signs have remarkable effect on social education as most of the public - including middle and high school students active in the vicinity of Yuan Shan MRT station - agree that these signs have positive reminding effect. This academic and scientific investigation clarifies and confirms that the opinion and effect of the signs contradict with what is stated in the letters received from the Ministry.


Moreover, the Foundation has received numerous letters and phone-calls, commending the Foundation for its righteous efforts, from people who have read the pamphlets or seen our campaigns on newspapers. Many people have also wasted no time to spread the truth about the obscene essence of Tibetan “Buddhism” after they learned about it. Our efforts indeed have taught the Taiwanese people how to protect themselves and their families from this evil cult and avoid the consequence of broken families and social distress.


The Foundation has indeed earned the trust of the general public. For instance, Mr. Gao Feng-shien, a member of The Control Yuan, who successfully initiated the legislation for prevention of acts of violence, invited the Foundation to participate in a consultation meeting on the subject of religious sexual assaults on 19 January, 2012 (see the Foundation’s website http://foundation.enlighten.org.tw/headline/13).


Also, on 14 November, 2011, the Liberty Times published an article entitled “Shen Lun’s Alleged Sex Scandal, Bhiksuni Suspected of Match-making” in section B1 and quoted the Foundation’s accusations against Tibetan “Buddhism”:

Zhang Kongpu, CEO of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, a local organization that has been criticizing Tibetan Buddhism, remarks that Tibetan Buddhism claims it is ‘cultivating the Buddha dharma,’ while in fact it promotes ‘religious sexual abuse of other people’s wives and daughters.’ Tibetan lamas actually commit religious sexual abuse and severely violate the basic Buddhist precept of ‘no illicit sex.’


In addition, a reporter from TTV station’s Hot Line program invited the Foundation’s experts on Tibetan “Buddhism” to discuss on air the truth about human bone rosary used in Tibetan Buddhism. This program was broadcast on 7 November, 2011.


These incidents all demonstrate that most good-hearted people do agree with the Foundation’s accusations of Tibetan “Buddhism”: its practice is essentially that lamas engage in sexual activity with their female followers! To practice according to The Great Tantra is to secretly prepare for future group sex, according to the tantra.


Anyone with common sense praises the Foundation’s righteous and courageous efforts in exposing the truth. Meanwhile, a very small number of members of Tibetan Tantric centers and their affiliated associations as well as groups that propagate the “Great Tantra” have been encouraging their followers to file fabricated accusations, under the guise of civilians, against the Foundation to the Ministry, the Control Yuan and other administrative authorities. This is motivated by the loss of money offerings they received from the general public after the followers realized the truth about their practice and stay away from Tibetan lamas. Even so, they dare not to openly request a judicial investigation against the Foundation.


The Foundation sincerely hopes that the Ministry will not to be manipulated by such an underhanded group of people to suppress the Foundation’s honorable efforts in protecting Taiwanese citizens and preserving Taiwan’s social ethics and decency.



10. First and foremost, counterfeiting any religion is unacceptable, regardless of the target being Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, or Islam. Second, Tibetan “Buddhism” has flagrantly counterfeited Buddhism, has debauched Buddhist monks and believers and, as well, has severely damaged our society’s morals and traditions. Third, Tibetan “Buddhism” has used its promiscuous doctrines to lure and sexually abuse Taiwanese women. That such cases have been exposed almost every year is an indisputable fact, and conceivably, there are countless undisclosed cases that have not surfaced because the victims were threatened into silence. Given the three facts presented above, why the Ministry - a Ministry that is supposed to shoulder the responsibility of social education - has so far turned a blind eye to this evil cult? Why the Ministry has continued to support this evil cult? Has the Ministry been obliged to do so out of unspeakable reasons? The Foundation finds this deeply puzzling!


The Foundation has complied with its existing contribution rules and also strictly abided by the laws. As the Foundation was established with the mission to devote itself toward reciprocating society with its resources, it has been arduously promoting social education and philanthropic work. Its actions are all in accordance with its mission, which is to promote various aspects of social education, protect female members of our society, safeguarding social traditions and morals, respecting fundamental human rights, ensuring wholesome development of children and youngsters of Taiwan’s families, as well as increasing understanding and care toward various ethnic groups, genders, religions, and cultures in Taiwan.


Out of devotion and passion to Taiwan, the Foundation sincerely proposes that the Ministry set up a special commission that educates the public on how to identify evil cults through organizing competitions and activities modeled on the anti-smoking campaign sponsored by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan (http://health99.doh.gov.tw/educZone/edu_detail.aspx? Catid=30453&Type=003&kind=Sub). The Ministry should also commend and honor organizations that have been diligently involved in educating public against evil cults. It should petition the Legislative Yuan for legislating to prohibit Tibetan Tantric Buddhism from propagating its adulterous doctrines and corrupting the minds of our children and young people to create a cult-free society for the benefit of the spiritual health of Taiwanese people. It should help to enhance Taiwanese people’s moral standard so as to prevent them from being seduced and depraved by Tibetan counterfeit Buddhism, as well as create an environment conducive to the growth of our future generations. Last but not least, the Foundation cordially requests the Ministry to decree the inclusion into the curriculum of middle and elementary schools methods of recognizing evil cults and religions, so as to illuminate the truth and uphold justice. That will truly be a blessing for Taiwan.



11. Administrator Zhan of the Ministry verbally questioned “if the Foundation’s activities do not pertain to religion, why then did the Foundation also correspond in writing with Taipei City Bureau of Civil Affairs?” The Foundation hereby provides its brief explanation: Tibetan counterfeit Buddhism has brought false accusations against the Foundation to the Taipei City Bureau of Civil Affairs, and the Bureau has duly addressed the issue to the Foundation multiple times. Consequently, the Foundation has to concurrently communicate in writing with both the Ministry and the Taipei City Bureau of Civil Affairs regarding this issue.


In addition, the evil doctrines and the religion-counterfeiting practice of Tibetan “Buddhism” not only bring about sexual abuse, but also violate the social customs and traditions, which fall under the jurisdiction of Bureau of Civil Affairs. It is therefore the responsibility of local Bureaus of Civil Affairs to determine whether or not relevant governmental agencies should be notified to rectify the issue and outlaw the offenders. Consequently, the Foundation should copy all materials to Taipei City Bureau of Civil Affairs. The Ministry should not have found our action surprising.



12. The Foundation has informed the Ministry on 27 July, 2009 of letter Ref. no.: (98) TEEF 009 that the serving term of its Board of Directors had expired and has submitted to the Ministry the result of the reelection. However, the Foundation has not received an approval letter up to now. The serving term of the Foundation’s current Board of Directors will expire in a few months. Would the Ministry please provide us with an approval letter at your earliest convenience so that the Foundation can lawfully register the change in accordance with the proceedings. Should the Ministry continue to hold off the issuance of the approval, the Ministry shall bear full responsibility for future legal disputes regarding this matter.




Original: Ministry of Education

c.c.: President Ma, Vice President Hsiao, Presidential Office, Secretary-General Tseng, Mr. King; Executive Yuan, Premier Chen, Vice Premier Jiang, Department of Health, Minister Chiu, Deputy Minister Lin, Deputy Minister Hsiao, Deputy Minister Lai, Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Minister Chu and all commissioners; Legislative Yuan, President Wang, Vice President Hung, and all legislators; Control Yuan, President Wang, Vice President Chen and all members; Judicial Yuan; Ministry of Education, Minister Chiang, Vice Minister Lin, Vice Minister Chen, Vice Minister Wu and related departments, etc.; Ministry of the Interior and related Departments, etc.; All R.O.C. Municipalities, Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Secretary Generals, etc., Department of Education, Bureaus of Civil Affairs, Directors, Deputies, etc.; All R.O.C. City Councils, Speakers, Deputy Speakers, Senators, etc.; Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation; All R.O.C. Municipal Police Departments and their precincts, Directors, Commissioners, etc.; Ministry of the Interior, Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) Director General Dr. Ho, Deputy Director General, and Mr. Chen Chuen-Tzu, Head of Accounting Office (a copy was sent to him after he called the Foundation during office hours to voice his support for Tibetan Buddhism and protest against the Foundation’s work).




Zhang Gongpu




(1) Criminal case file

(2) Notification from the Criminal Division of Taipei District Court, Taiwan

(3) Replies to the defamatory articles “Tibetans’ refutation on Pings Xiao’s slandering attack on Tibetan Buddhism” 1~5

(4) The True Enlightenment Education Foundation’s open rebuttal to Tibetan Buddhism’s slandering attack against the Foundation

(5) Ten pages of health warning texts and graphic pictures on cigarette packages of different countries

(6) A pamphlet of “Exposing the Series of Lies Made by Spokesman of the Tibet Religious Foundation of H.H. the Dalai Lama”

(7) Analysis of questionnaires on the “Opinions and Views of the Social Education Campaign Displayed by the Foundation on the Outer Walls of Its Building”

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